Prepare for a hearing loss-friendly getaway with these tips.

In this article, you’ll find tips for planning a hearing loss-friendly vacation.Are you planning a vacation in the New Year? Whether you’ll travel to a warm-weather winter destination, enjoy a scenic journey, go for a romantic getaway, or jet-set to an exotic locale, you may already be dreaming about the adventure ahead. If you or one of your travel companions has hearing loss, there are many ways to make your trip even more enjoyable.  Follow these simple travel tips to discover how to plan a hearing loss-friendly vacation:

  • Search for accessible lodging
  • Look for hearing loss-friendly destinations
  • Make dining reservations ahead of time
  • Pack assistive listening devices and technology with you
  • Know hearing loss assistance for your mode of travel

Learn more about each of these tips for planning a hearing loss-friendly vacation below.

Search for accessible lodging
Many hotels, bed-and-breakfasts, and other lodgings offer accommodations for people with hearing loss. Sensors, closed captioning TVs, and other features can make your stay more comfortable. If you’d like hearing loss-friendly features in your hotel room, use our helpful hearing loss accessibility hotel guide for important questions to ask staff during the booking process.

Look for hearing loss-friendly activities
Wherever you’re traveling, look for hearing loss-friendly activities available in the area to make the most of your trip. Consider attractions that offer tour transcripts, assistive listening devices, closed captioning, and other hearing accommodations that can make each activity more enjoyable. Museums, botanical gardens, baseball games, zoos, and national parks are just a few popular things to do that often offer accommodations for people with hearing loss.

Is your dream vacation on a cruise? Review this list of cruise lines with hearing loss-friendly features. Or, make it a family trip with these kid-approved hearing loss-friendly vacation places.

Make dining reservations in advance
If you’re planning to dine out on your vacation, consider contacting the restaurant in advance to make a reservation for a table in a quiet location, like the patio or a corner booth. If your hotel has a concierge service, they can call the restaurant for you. You may also want to dine during off-peak hours when restaurant noise levels are lower, which is usually before 5:00 pm and after 8:00 pm. Asking for a list of written specials and requesting lower music volume after you arrive are additional hearing loss-friendly tips when dining out.

Pack assistive listening devices and technology with you
Another travel tip for planning your hearing-loss friendly vacation is to bring everything you need for your hearing aids or other assistive listening devices. Even if you’re not sure that you’ll need them, packing spare batteries, cleaning kits, drying and storage equipment, and other accessories can give you peace of mind that you’ll have what you need on your journey.

Know hearing loss assistance for your mode of travel
Planning a hearing loss-friendly vacation wouldn’t be complete without considering your mode of travel. Whether you plan on getting there by bus, car, or plane, become familiar with the hearing loss accommodations in advance, and take advantage of them. Many airports provide visual notifications about travel updates and gate information.  Airlines and bus companies can text notices about your trip directly to your cell phone. Taking a road-trip with travel companions? If you are comfortable, talk to them about your hearing needs before hitting the highway. Help make everyone a part of a positive hearing environment while you travel.

These tips on how to plan a hearing loss-friendly vacation can help you prepare for your dream getaway. Find more helpful advice for people with hearing loss on our blog.

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