CapTel 2400i Captioned Telephone

Can’t Hear on the Phone?

Read Captions of Everything They Say!

Ideal for people with hearing loss, CapTel works like any other phone – plus you see captions of everything the caller says.

What is CapTel?

What is CapTel?

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CapTel in Action

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  • No Cost Captioning Service

  • Free Installation Support

  • Easy To Use

  • 24/7 Help Line

  • Variety of Phones

Read and understand while hearing your caller’s voice.

CapTel phones work with a no-cost Captioning Service to show every word your caller says. It’s like closed captions on TV, for your phone!
What Is CapTel?
CapTel 880i Captioned Telephone

People Are Talking

“Mom is happy that she can now communicate with her family and friends”

D. Harris, Ohio

“I don’t know how I could manage without my CapTel phone. It’s been a blessing.”

M. Asla, Idaho

“I have not been able to talk on the phone for 10 years. Now I talk to my daughter in New York and my brother in Alaska. Thank you, CapTel.”

R. Mostella, Oregon

“I really am so grateful for the CapTel telephone and the service. I cannot put it into words how wonderful it has been.”

L. Jennings, Florida

“CapTel has helped me very much and relieves the stress I used to have when talking on the phone. It’s great!”

M. Keating, Florida

Choose The Right Phone

CapTel 840i

Designed for people who are comfortable with a traditional-style telephone, the CapTel 840i features a large easy-to-read display with built-in answering machine.

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CapTel 2400i

For people who prefer touch-screen technology, the CapTel 2400i has a large colorful display, dial-by-picture capability, and a built-in answering machine. Includes Bluetooth® connectivity and speakerphone.

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CapTel 880i

Ideal for people with low vision, who have difficulty viewing standard-sized captions, the CapTel 880i has extra large font sizes & display options for easy reading.

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New! See Captions on Your Mobile Phone 

Now you can see captions during your mobile phone conversations, thanks to the new Hamilton Mobile™ CapTel® app, available for CapTel users to download for iOS devices.  Enjoy the same captioned telephone experience you rely on at home/work, now for mobile devices.

Available at no cost for people with hearing loss. Download at:


For more information visit Hamilton Mobile CapTel app.

Hamilton Mobile App

CapTel In Your Community

Hearing Loss Association of America Walk4Hearing
Proud Sponsor

CapTel is active in communities nationwide, helping raise awareness for people with hearing loss. Look for CapTel in your neighborhood!


Hearing Loss & You

Where to Get a Hearing Test

Wondering where to get a hearing test? Learn more about your options for getting a hearing test and which test location is the best fit for your situation in this blog post.

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