For CapTel 800 & 840 users only

Call Me Cards image

Convenient “Call Me” cards listing the Captioning Service phone number are available for you to give to people who call you often.

Download the appropriate call me cards for your CapTel:

Call-Me Card Telephone Number
Toll-Free Captioning Service 1-877-243-2823
Federal CapTel Users 1-888-801-7210
Spanish-to-Spanish Captioning 1-866-217-3362
California residents (non-Federal) 1-866-399-9050
California Spanish-to-Spanish 1-866-399-9090
Texas residents (non-Federal) 1-800-933-5129
Texas Spanish-to-Spanish 1-800-933-5417
Customizable Call-Me Cards 1-877-243-2823
Customizable Spanish Call-Me Cards 1-866-217-3362