Use a calling card with CapTel

You can enjoy connecting with family, friends, and business associates using your CapTel phone with a calling card. You can purchase calling cards at a variety of retail and convenience stores with various minute allowances. To make a CapTel call using a calling card:

  • Dial the calling card’s 800 number using your CapTel phone.
  • CapTel service connects you to the calling card’s 800 phone number.
  • Input the calling card information on the CapTel number keypad directly as instructed.
  • You will then be asked to enter the phone number of the person you wish to call.
  • Your conversation will be paid for via the calling card.

Exception: Calling an 800 calling card number, then dialing the Toll-Free CapTel Service number (as with Voice in or CapTel-to-CapTel calls). You may receive a message saying your call cannot be completed as dialed because the system recognizes that billing charges do not apply for an 800 to 800 number. Try dialing the Captioning Service FIRST, the calling card SECOND, and then the number you are calling. People who call you can also follow this method to use a calling card when placing their call to you.