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People who use CapTel have a lot to say about it!

“I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have this wonderful phone.”

– CapTel user in Florida

People have a lot to say about it!

CapTel Testimonial

“I love this phone. It’s like gaining part of my independence.”

CapTel user in North Carolina

CapTel Testimonial

“Before CapTel, I couldn’t understand a lot of what the other party was saying, and that made conversations difficult.”

CapTel user in Georgia

CapTel Testimonial

“CapTel really has changed my life.”

CapTel user in Utah

Eleanor’s Story

Tired of asking people to repeat themselves over the phone, Eleanor gave CapTel a try. “It’s been the answer,” she exclaims.​

Willard’s Story

A retired veterinarian, Willard found himself cut off from family and friends because of hearing loss. Now he enjoys daily conversations with his family again. “It’s been a real plus for me,” he states.

Richard’s Story

Watch Richard talk about how CapTel is keeping him in touch with his family and giving him independence to continue his volunteer work.

Dave’s Story

After losing hearing due to illness, Dave nearly gave up his role as Conference Commissioner out of frustration for not being able to hear over the phone. Now with CapTel, “they couldn’t get me off the phone!”

Kristen’s Story

As Kristen gradually lost her hearing over time, she did not like having to rely on other people to make phone calls for her. From the first time she used CapTel, Kristen has regained her independence over the phone.

Clara’s Story

Clara found it hard to hear over the phone, cutting her off from friends and family. Ever since her son set her up with CapTel, she’s been able to re-connect – especially after a recent mishap.