Pack your sandals and sunscreen for these senior-friendly getaways.

Are you ready to take a cue from our feathered friends and migrate south for the winter? Being a “snowbird” lets you explore new places and trade ice for sand. This year, consider jetting off to one of these wonderful warm winter travel destinations for seniors:

  1. Clearwater Beach, Florida
  2. Saint Martin/Sint Maarten
  3. Tenerife, Spain
  4. Savannah, Georgia
  5. Hawaii
  6. Sedona, Arizona

Check out more info below about these winter travel destinations for seniors and the things you can do there.

One of the warm winter travel destinations for seniors on this list is Clearwater Beach, Florida.

Clearwater Beach, Florida | Credit: Coastal Living

Clearwater Beach, Florida
There are so many beautiful beaches in Florida that you can’t go wrong with any of them. However, Clearwater takes the win this time for a few reasons. It consistently ranks #1 in traveler reviews of beach destinations, features pristine sands and waters that live up to the name, and is close to both Tampa and St. Petersburg for easy city visits. In addition to beach lounging, you can golf, shop, go dolphin-watching, and much more senior-friendly activities.

Saint Martin/Sint Maarten
This isn’t just a spelling difference—they’re two very distinct sides of the same island. Saint Martin is the French half of the island in the north, while Sint Maarten in the south is Dutch. It’s an ideal winter travel destination for seniors and everyone because you get to experience two different cultures for the price of one! The vibe is different too; Maarten is more developed and energetic with many senior cruise excursions available, while Martin is more about low-key rest and relaxation, with quiet beaches and quaint bistros. Buy fresh fruit and vegetables at the open-air markets and explore some island history at either half’s museum.

Tenerife, Canary Islands
Here’s another European island that’s not actually in Europe (but closer)! The Spanish-owned Canary Islands sit off the coast of West Africa, southwest of Spain. Tenerife is the largest and most popular of the islands and boasts plenty of events and discounts for seniors to enjoy. Whether you want to relax with wine-tastings, golf, and spas or join the energy of the colorful multi-week Santa Cruz carnival that precedes the Lenten season, Tenerife can be whatever you want it to be.

Savannah, Georgia

Another one of the warm winter travel destinations for seniors on this list is Savannah, Georgia.

Savannah, Georgia | Credit: Explore Georgia

Beaches aren’t the main attraction in Savannah (though there is one nearby on Tybee Island!), but what you will find is a comfortable climate and a city radiating with charm that many seniors and others enjoy. Take a ride in a horse-drawn carriage, relax in an oak-shaded park for a picnic, admire beautiful art and architecture, check out the Savannah Book Festival, and much more. Winter temperatures average in the 50s and 60s, so you’ll be donning spring jackets instead of winter coats.

The six islands of Hawaii are all unique, so we’re presenting this warm winter travel destination for seniors in a “choose your own adventure” style with highlights of the four top islands. Of course, you don’t have to stick to just one island; once you’re there, you can easily boat or fly between them.

  1. Oahu—the most developed island, with the hubs of Honolulu and Waikiki, plus lots of historical and cultural attractions and museums
  2. Maui—a bit of everything: beautiful nature, golf and nightlife, relaxation and adventure, plenty of senior-friendly activities, and the best whale-watching in Hawaii from January to March
  3. Kauai—everywhere in Hawaii has a stunning landscape, but Kauai has extra-vibrant colors, unique plants, and the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific,” making this an ideal stop for nature lovers
  4. Big Island—yes, this island is big, with an amazing diversity of scenery, from mountains to forests to deserts. Where else can you see a green sand beach one day and black lava fields the next? Seniors will love taking scenic drive routes and photographing all the sights.

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Sedona, Arizona

Another one of the warm winter travel destinations for seniors on this list is Sedona, Arizona.

Sedona, Arizona | Credit: The Crazy Tourist

Located less than a two-hour drive from Phoenix, Sedona is a must-see geological wonderland, according to this list of top travel destinations for seniors. You can enjoy beautiful red rock formations that seem to change colors by the minute. Winter here is mild, making Sedona a fantastic winter travel destination for outdoor activities, including bird watching, hiking, and jeep tours. The town boasts quaint boutiques, world-class spas and resorts, and a lively art scene.

Ready to start hunting for flights to one of these winter travel destinations for seniors? Use AARP’s travel search tool to find flights, hotels, cars, activities, and combo packages. If you have flexibility in your schedule, try booking early-morning midweek flights, as Tuesday and Wednesday are often the cheapest days to fly.

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