Air Travel with Hearing Loss

When it comes to traveling with hearing loss, there are a few helpful tips that can make travel easier, especially when flying. Follow these steps to help ensure your trip goes smoothly.

While you’re planning your trip
If you’re booking your flight online, be sure to sign up for text or email alerts. It’s not uncommon for flights to change or be delayed, and it can be hard to hear the loudspeaker through the hustle and bustle of the airport. Having your flight information sent right to your phone instead will help ensure you don’t miss any changes.

While packing for vacation
Make sure you have extra hearing aid batteries or any assistive devices in your carry-on bag in case your luggage gets delayed. This will ensure you have back up batteries or signalers when you arrive, even if your suitcase  hasn’t made it yet.

When you’re at the airport
You may want to let the airport TSA screener know if you’re carrying assistive devices or wearing hearing aids while going through airport security. Making them aware may help make the security process go more quickly and easily.

During the flight
If you’re traveling alone, let the flight attendant or the people sitting next to you that you have hearing loss so any announcements on board will be relayed to you in case you don’t hear them.

When you arrive
When you get to your hotel and begin your vacation, ask the staff for an ADA kit when you check in. These kits include a visual fire alarm, vibrating alarm clock, strobe light door knocker and other assistive devices for people with hearing loss.

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