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How to Choose Phones for People with Hearing Loss

Learn about the available features to help determine the best device for you.

Look for written captions when shopping for phones for people with hearing loss.When it comes to phones for people with hearing loss, there are many options to consider. To help narrow down your choices, you may want to make a list of the features and functions that you’d like to have on your new phone. Following are a few you’ll find in our phones for people with hearing loss that you may find helpful:

  • Written captions
  • Internet and analog models
  • Amplification and tone control
  • Hearing aid compatibility
  • Dialing options
  • Font size adjustments
  • Built-in phone book
  • Wi-Fi compatibility

Keep reading to learn more about these features available in CapTel captioned telephones for people with hearing loss.

Written captions
CapTel captioned telephones work just like a traditional phone, but with the added benefit of displaying written captions of your conversations on a large, easy-to-read screen. Never miss a word they say! You can read and understand while still hearing their voice. The phone works by connecting your calls to a no-cost captioning service as part of a federally funded program that supports telephone accessibility for people with hearing loss.

Learn more about how CapTel captioned telephones work here.

Internet and analog models
When choosing phones for people with hearing loss, you’ll also want to consider whether it will require high-speed internet access. While most of our phones are internet-based, we also offer an analog model. You can tell the difference between an internet and analog model by checking for the lower-case letter “i” in the model name. For instance, CapTel models 2400i, 880i, and 840i all use high-speed internet. Alternatively, CapTel 840 is an analog model that does not require the internet. Both options are available to suit your needs.

Get more of your questions answered in our guide, Is the Internet Required to Use a Captioned Telephone?

Amplification and tone control
Volume and frequency are important features that can help maximize your hearing experience over the phone. All CapTel models come with the option to amplify the volume louder than a traditional phone. Beyond volume control, you can also adjust tone and frequency settings to low, medium, or high, depending on your individual hearing needs. CapTel 2400i also allows you to customize various sound frequencies to your personal audiogram.

Hearing aid compatibility
If you wear an assistive listening device like a hearing aid, hearing aid compatibility may be another helpful feature to look for in your hearing loss phone. On your hearing aid, there is a telecoil (T-coil) setting that allows the hearing aid to sync with your CapTel phone. Once connected, the sounds from your phone call will funnel directly into your hearing aid.

Learn more about the types of phones available for people with hearing aids here.

Dialing options
CapTel phones for people with hearing loss offer a couple of different dialing options so you can choose the one you prefer. Whether you like traditional button dialing or a touchscreen, we let you decide! Find traditional button phones on these models: CapTel 840i, CapTel 880i, and CapTel 840. If a touchscreen is up your alley, check out the CapTel 2400i, which features a large color display that looks and acts like a tablet.

Font size adjustments
For those with low vision, having the ability to increase font size can be a handy feature on your new captioned phone. All CapTel models allow you to adjust the font size and the colors based on your individual preferences. CapTel 880i also has extra-large font and display options for the easiest reading.

Built-in phone book
Having your contacts stored on a hearing loss captioned telephone is another feature you may consider. CapTel phones for people with hearing loss give you the option to store up to 95 easily accessible contacts. Whether you want to store the numbers for family, friends, neighbors, doctors, or other important people, you’ll have plenty of storage space. With all those numbers just a few clicks away, there is no more need to carry around a phonebook!

Wi-Fi compatibility
Wi-Fi compatibility is a convenient feature on mobile phones, but it’s also one to consider on phones for people with hearing loss. All internet-based CapTel phones can connect to the internet wirelessly so that you can receive captions without being directly connected to your modem or router.

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