Safely plan your next hearing loss-friendly adventure with these tips.

Follow these tips to plan your next trip and travel smoothly with hearing loss.While most of us haven’t been able to travel further than our living rooms lately, it’s the perfect time to start deciding where to go once it is safe to travel again! Since planning a trip with hearing loss can add some new considerations to your checklist, planning well in advance makes a lot of sense.

Here are a few tips for planning your next trip:

  1. Pick a hearing-loss-friendly destination
  2. Decide where you want to stay
  3. Read about other people’s experiences
  4. Research airport accommodations
  5. Download helpful apps
  6. Pack extra supplies
  7. Let people know your needs

Let’s explore these tips to plan your next trip.

Pick a hearing-loss-friendly destination
Some places are more well-suited than others to travelers with hearing loss, but it depends on what you’re looking to get out of your trip. If you’re planning a group getaway to re-connect with friends or family, you might want to avoid cities known for being loud (e.g., New Orleans during Mardi Gras) and choose a relaxing beach or mountain cabin where it’s easy to hear a conversation. If you’re traveling with grandkids, look for kid-friendly destinations that have hearing loss accommodations. In need of a romantic getaway? Check out these destinations for couples that also have great activities for those with hearing loss!

Decide where you want to stay
When you’re choosing between hotels, motels, home rentals, or other types of lodging, keep in mind what accommodations you’ll need. You may want to look for a hotel or resort with rooms equipped with hearing loss-friendly devices, such as door knock sensors, telephone amplifiers, or a bed-shaking alarm clock. Check out these other hearing loss hotel considerations.

Read about other people’s experiences
There are countless blogs out there where people document their travel experiences – take advantage of them while planning yours! Finding other travelers’ stories and tips to plan your next trip can be as simple as searching for “[Destination] with hearing loss.” They might include great advice about where to stay, activities to do, places to eat, and more.

Research airport accommodations
Airports can be intimidating, particularly for travelers with hearing loss. Recently, airports and airlines have adopted additional communication options to support a more smooth experience.  Look for visual notifications on airport monitors and in your gate area to alert you to flight updates.  Some airports now include hearing loop systems that you can tune into with hearing aids to broadcast directly to your ears. You may also be able to download airline-specific apps (Southwest, United, etc.) to a mobile device to keep info on hand, like your flight itinerary or delay updates.

Download helpful apps
If you use a mobile phone, you have one of the best travel tools right in your pocket! There are plenty of great apps that can help you navigate a new place. Download hearing loss apps to communicate with people and measure the noise levels of your environment. Then, add travel-specific apps like Culture Trip, Citymapper, and Google Translate to get recommendations, directions, and foreign language translations.

Pack extra supplies
People who use hearing aids will want to pay extra attention to their suitcase before heading out the door. Be sure to pack hearing or listening device supplies like extra batteries, a dehumidifier to keep your hearing aids dry, a cleaning kit, and more.

Let people know your needs
No matter where you go, there are bound to be people who will be happy to help you out. Didn’t hear a gate change announcement over the PA system? Ask your seat neighbor if they heard it. Struggling to understand your tour guide? If you are comfortable, let them know it’s easier for you to hear if they speak facing the group. Headed to a restaurant? Ask if you can be seated in a quieter area. Sometimes just being willing to ask can help make the trip more memorable.

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