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6 Things to Pack when Traveling with Hearing Loss

Make sure your next trip goes smoothly with this hearing loss packing list.

Follow this hearing loss packing list to ensure smooth travels.While many of us won’t be doing our typical holiday traveling this year, it’s never too early to think about the essential items to bring along on your next adventure. Ensuring you have supplies to keep your hearing aids or other assistive hearing devices working while you’re away from home will give you peace of mind and allow you to truly enjoy your travels.

No matter when you’re planning your next getaway or family visit, keep this hearing loss packing list in mind before you go to help ensure a smooth trip:

  1. Dryer/dehumidifier
  2. Extra batteries
  3. Charging cord/docks
  4. Cleaning kit
  5. Extra accessories
  6. Outlet converter

Read on to learn more about these essential things to pack when traveling with hearing loss!

If you’re traveling to a humid area or someplace where you’ll encounter water, like camping, it’s crucial to pack a drying kit or dehumidifier to dry your hearing aids out after a day of wear. You may also want to consider packing a headband or protective sleeve to prevent your hearing aids from moisture.

Extra batteries
If you use hearing aids or other assistive devices that require batteries, be sure to pack extra! This way, you don’t have to spend more time and money finding and purchasing batteries when you need them the most.

Charging cord/dock
It happens to all of us – you’re rushing around getting your luggage together and race out the door. But when you finally get to your destination, you realize you forgot your phone charger! While replacing a phone charger while traveling is pretty simple, it’s not quite as easy to find a new charger for items like rechargeable hearing aids. Keep your charging cord or dock close to something important, like your keys or wallet, so you won’t forget it when it’s time to go!

Cleaning kit
Keeping your hearing aids clean while traveling is essential to making sure they’re working correctly and helping you hear while on the go. A travel-friendly cleaning kit for your hearing aids can help make sticking to your cleaning routines more manageable, even when you’re out and about. Try to stick to your typical cleaning routine as much as possible, as this can help hearing aid performance and longevity during travel.

Extra accessories
If you use other items to enhance or protect your hearing, such as noise-canceling headphones, Bluetooth hearing devices, or earplugs, take care not to forget those while packing! If you use hearing aids that require extra supplies, like domes or wax guards, be sure to include these on your packing list as well – and a storage case for when you’re not using your hearing aids – so you won’t be caught without them.

Outlet converter
If your future travel plans include a trip out of the country, be sure to pack an outlet converter. This way, you can power up your assistive devices or hearing aids, no matter what outlet type your destination uses.

Keeping these items on your list of things to pack when traveling with hearing loss will ensure that you have a great, stress-free time and not miss out on any of the fun during your trip due to a missing or malfunctioning device. Be sure to pack them before you leave, or keep them near your keys or phone, so they’re within easy reach on travel day.

If you want more information about traveling and living with hearing loss, visit CapTel’s blog for helpful resources and advice.