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8 Easy Cleaning Tips for Seniors

Take the “work” out of housework with these helpful tips!

These cleaning tips for seniors are perfect to take a bit of the “work” out of housework.

Basic household chores are part of life at any age. Tackling these duties doesn’t need to be daunting. With a few helpful cleaning tips for seniors (or anyone!), you can keep your space looking spick and span without too much hassle!

Here are eight cleaning tips for seniors to make your housework duties more manageable and enjoyable:

  1. Invest in technology
  2. Utilize long-handled tools
  3. Prioritize safety
  4. Clean in shorter sessions
  5. Declutter frequently
  6. Get cleaning tools you enjoy using
  7. Do regular household safety checks
  8. Delegate tasks

Grab your cleaning supplies and check out these tips below!

Invest in technology

Embracing the latest advancements in cleaning technology is a surefire way to make your chores easier. One of the most famous kinds are robotic vacuums and floor cleaners (e.g., Roombas). These devices can autonomously navigate your home, vacuuming or mopping the floors without requiring you to bend or exert physical effort.

Set it up to clean as often as you’d like — all you have to do is empty the dust and clean the components every so often. Other new cleaning gadgets include smart trash cans, robotic window cleaners, and more.

Utilize long-handled tools

To clean areas that are typically challenging to reach, such as high shelves or ceiling corners, use long-handled tools. Invest in a broom or mop with an extendable handle, allowing you to clean without the need for excessive bending or stretching. Similarly, dusters with longer or collapsible handles are perfect for reaching cobwebs and dust on ceiling fans or light fixtures.

Prioritize safety

Always prioritize safety while cleaning. Use a sturdy step stool or ladder when reaching high places and ensure they’re stable before climbing. Avoid overexertion and take breaks when needed. If you’re using cleaning chemicals, keep the area well-ventilated so you don’t inhale fumes, and protect your hands with a pair of rubber cleaning gloves. Also, be sure to check the ingredients of new products to avoid mixing unwanted combinations like bleach and ammonia.

Clean in shorter sessions

Rather than trying to tackle everything in one day, break your chore list down into shorter, more manageable sessions. Allocate specific time slots throughout the week for different cleaning tasks. This approach allows you to pace yourself and prevents fatigue or strain. Consistency is key with this tactic. Regularly doing small cleaning tasks lets you deal with tiny messes before they build up and get overwhelming.

Declutter frequently

It stands to reason that cleaning gets easier when you have less to clean! Simplify your routine by decluttering and organizing your living spaces. Consider donating or giving away belongings that you no longer need or use. Remove or rearrange unnecessary items that contribute to clutter and make cleaning more challenging. Streamlining your living spaces will make cleaning more efficient and reduce your overall workload.

Start with these tips to declutter your closet!

Get cleaning tools you enjoy using

Cleaning tools don’t have to be high-tech to make your household tasks easier. Lightweight and ergonomic cleaning tools, like stick vacuums or bathroom scrubbers with telescoping handles, can make cleaning more comfortable physically. 

Do regular household safety checks

While you’re already straightening up the house, it’s also a great time to do a few quick safety checks. Make sure you check the batteries for your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms or proactively change them if it’s been a while. Go through your fridge and medicine cabinet to check expiration dates and dispose of anything that’s too far past its shelf life for comfort. And don’t forget to check whether your flashlights still work (because we’ve all experienced the annoyance of dead flashlights in an unexpected power outage, right?). 

Delegate tasks

Finally, don’t be afraid to ask for help or delegate cleaning tasks to family members, friends, or professional cleaners. Many seniors find relief and peace of mind by hiring cleaning services to handle the more strenuous or time-consuming cleaning tasks. No matter how big or small of a job you have, there’s probably a service that exists to handle it.

As you get used to these habits, housework will become less burdensome and more efficient. You can always modify these cleaning tips for seniors according to your specific needs and capabilities, too. 

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