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4 Assistive Listening Device Care Tips

Keep your devices working great with these listening device care tips.

These listening device care tips are perfect for anyone with hearing loss who uses assistive listening technology.

Assistive listening devices can be extremely beneficial for people who experience hearing loss. They can help amplify sounds, create live captions of conversations, or alert the user to an event using vibration or light to draw attention. 

Yet with all the wear and tear of relying on this equipment everyday, it’s important to take care of your assistive listening devices to help make sure they stay at peak performance. Read this article for some tips and tricks on assistive listening device care.

  1. Keep devices in the correct case when not in use
  2. Use the correct cleaning products
  3. Turn off devices when not in use
  4. Be mindful of where you store your devices

Keep reading for these tips on listening device care.

Keep devices in the correct case when not in use

It’s essential to keep your assistive listening devices protected when you’re not using them, especially when you’re traveling or in an environment where the devices could be harmed, like on a vacation or at the pool or beach.

Assistive devices often come in their own carrying case or in a hard shell that will keep them from being damaged from hard drops, water, or accidental impact. It’s also a good idea to keep them in a case as it makes them easier to find in purses, backpacks, or even just around the house!

Use the correct cleaning products

This might be the most critical listening device care tip — use the correct cleaning products. Most assistive listening devices, or ALDs, can be cleaned using a soft cloth or a microfiber towel. For other devices, you may consider using wipes, but make sure you read the instructions for your particular device for clarity on what products are or aren’t to be used. 

It’s important to clean your devices regularly. There are many ways you can easily clean your devices at home and in a safe manner. By regularly cleaning your ALDs, you’ll prolong their life and quality of output, as well as have them looking sharp.

Turn off devices when not in use

This is a listening device care tip that can be easy to forget! Just like any other technology, turning off the devices when not in use will prolong the lifespan of your item and save either the batteries or the battery life of your instrument, depending on what power setup it uses. This also reduces the number of batteries you may have to bring when you travel, or time you have to dedicate to charging. 

Be mindful of where you store your devices

Keeping your ALDs dry and at the correct temperature is a key listening device care tip. When your electronic listening devices (like hearing aids, infrared systems, FM radios, or induction loops) are exposed to water or very humid conditions, they can fail to work properly. Even certain devices that may be labeled “water resistant” will have a longer life when not exposed to water. 

Other factors, like very hot or very cold temperatures, can impact the battery life of your devices and, in the long term, can impact their overall lifespan. By keeping your devices in optimal temperatures, you can help them last longer and continue working as intended.

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