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7 Health Benefits of Self-Care

Practicing these self-care ideas reap great health benefits.

The benefits of self-care can be physical as well as mental.

Whether you consider your lifestyle to be high or low stress, one of the best steps you can take for your overall health is to make time for yourself and enjoy the benefits of self-care.

The best self-care ideas are typically whatever makes you feel relaxed, energized, healthy, and happy. Maybe it’s reading a book, going fishing, taking a bubble bath, going for a spa day, making time for a nature walk each day, unleashing your creativity through crafting or wood working, getting a massage, spending time cooking fresh, healthy meals, moving your body, or getting enough sleep. If you can, try to turn your self-care regimen into an ongoing, healthy lifestyle habit.

No matter how you treat yourself, there are several health benefits that have been shown to arise from self-care, including:

  1. Lowers stress
  2. Boosts immunity
  3. Improves your social & family life
  4. Helps manage chronic diseases
  5. Promotes emotional wellbeing and balance
  6. Improves physical and mental fitness
  7. Potentially lengthens life

Let’s dive into these self-care benefits!

Lowers stress
Self-care time is a no-stress zone! When you’re engaging in your favorite pampering or relaxing activities, do your best to clear your mind of any negative thoughts or worries. Instead, focus on the sensations you’re experiencing, whether it’s the sound of calming music, the scent of a candle, the feeling of a warm breeze on your skin, the beauty of nature, or the taste of a chocolate bar. The “five senses exercise” is actually a form of mindfulness/meditation, one of the simplest ways to reduce stress.

Boosts immunity
Any activity that lowers stress also lowers the negative impacts stress has on our health. One known side effect of stress is that it can weaken the immune system, making you more vulnerable to illness. That’s why it’s helpful to schedule self-care time as soon as you notice yourself feeling overwhelmed or irritable: it acts as a powerful stress-management tool, so you can get back to feeling good before stress is able to take its toll.

Improves your social & family life
Investing time in your own self-care has been reported to help improve relationships with others. Just like how airline attendants tell you to put on your own oxygen mask before assisting others, self-care can help make you the best version of yourself. You can’t pour from an empty cup, so make sure yours is full! When you feel happy and fulfilled as a person, you’ll be more energetic and positive for activities and interactions with family and friends.

Helps manage chronic diseases
If you have a chronic condition, pushing yourself too hard can potentially exacerbate the symptoms and potentially cause new ones from stressSome tips for self-care on days when your illness is flaring up include eating healthy, moving your body as you are able, and trying to get a good night of sleep. Of course, if your symptoms don’t improve or feel worse than usual, contact your doctor.

Promotes emotional wellbeing and balance
Self-care has more emotional benefits than just stress reduction. Emotional self-care involves checking in on your feelings, processing and accepting them, practicing gratitude, and seeking support from those around you. When you regularly check in with your emotions, your mental wellbeing will benefit!

Improves physical and mental fitness
A self-care regimen should include activities that get you moving and thinking. Try these cardio exercises and these exercises for your mind to use your self-care time to the fullest!

Potentially lengthens life
Did you know that happy people typically tend to live longer? It’s true; higher optimism has been correlated with a longer lifespan. Furthermore, practicing healthy living as part of your self-care regimen can shield you from physical disease risk: it’s a win-win!

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