Celebrate the holiday with a decadent – or healthy! – new recipe.

Some of these Valentine’s Day dessert recipes offer a healthier twist on decadent favorites.Everyone celebrates holidays differently, with their favorite traditions and indulgences. Valentine’s Day is a perfect time to personalize your celebrations to who you and your partner are as a couple — down to your choice of Valentine’s Day dessert recipes! Are you chocolate fanatics? Do you love trying new things together, or prefer the classics? Are you sticking to health resolutions and hunting for low-sugar options? No matter what your style, we’ve got you covered!

Check out these Valentine’s Day dessert recipes so you can get ready to share the love with your taste buds too:

  1. Chocolate-covered fruits
  2. Molten chocolate cake
  3. Cherry cashew cheesecake
  4. Black bean brownies
  5. Conversation heart bark
  6. Red velvet cupcakes
  7. Raspberry “nice cream”
  8. Frozen yogurt bites

Get the delicious details on these Valentine’s Day dessert recipes below!

Chocolate-covered fruits

Photo credit: Healthy Recipes

What screams “Valentine’s” more than chocolate-covered strawberries? Instead of paying exorbitant prices to order a box, turn it into a date night and make your own! Dark chocolate is healthier than milk or white chocolate, boasting powerful antioxidants and protecting your heart. Once you’ve made your bowl of melted chocolate, you don’t have to stick to strawberries. Dip whatever your heart desires, from pretzels to pineapple chunks!

Molten chocolate cake

Photo credit: Love & Lemons

If you’re in the mood to treat yourselves to a decadent dessert, you can impress your partner with an individual-size cake that gushes chocolate when it’s cut open. (It’s also shockingly easy, but they won’t be able to tell that unless they watched you make it!)

Cherry cashew cheesecake

Photo credit: Food by Maria

Cheesecake isn’t known for being healthy, but that can change with a little creativity (and cashews)! Once soaked, cashews blend into a smooth, creamy base that’s perfect for a healthier spin on cheesecake. In this recipe, you make one cherry layer, one chocolate layer, and then top it with more red fruits and leftover cashew cream before digging in.

Black bean brownies 

Photo credit: allrecipes

Short on time? These black bean brownies are a cinch to make — all you need is a boxed brownie mix, a can of black beans, and chocolate chips! The result is fudgy, moist, and doesn’t taste at all like beans, making it an easy way to level up the fiber and nutrient content of your dessert. To make them extra-Valentiney, top them with fresh strawberries before digging in!

Conversation heart bark

Photo credit: delish

This conversation heart bark might not make the “healthy” list, but it is easy and adorable! The bark is a mixture of melted chocolate and candy melts, decorated with sprinkles and the little candy conversation hearts that show up in stores every February.

Red velvet cupcakes

Red is the color of Valentine’s, and chocolate is the flavor du jour; you get them both at once with red velvet! You can make these cupcakes from scratch or take the easier route with a store-bought mix. If you go for a box mix, here’s a fun baking trick: one box of cake mix plus one 12oz can of any carbonated beverage (including seltzer/club soda) is all you need for a fluffy, lower-calorie cake.

Raspberry “nice cream”

Photo credit: Two Raspberries

Who needs sugary ice cream when you can enjoy a much healthier frozen dessert with the magic of fruit? The key to “nice cream” is frozen bananas and a food processor: with just one or two tablespoons of liquid, the bananas transform into a smooth, creamy texture. From there, you can blend in other ingredients for whatever flavor combinations you want. This Valentine’s recipe just adds raspberries, but you could put in cocoa powder for a chocolate-raspberry nice cream, or choose strawberries, cherries, or your favorite fruit!

Frozen yogurt bites

Photo credit: Two Healthy Kitchens

Finally, if you happen to have any heart-shaped molds lying around, use them for these easy yogurt bites! Greek yogurt, strawberry jam, and chocolate chips are the only ingredients you need for these quick snacks that are great to share as a Valentine’s treat for kids.

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