Plan a relaxing and fun staycation everyone will enjoy this winter.

These tips on how to plan a fun and relaxing staycation are great for the entire family.Between stay-at-home regulations and not wanting to venture too far in winter weather, a “staycation” might be the perfect way to spend time off this winter. But how to plan a staycation that’s fun and relaxing for everyone in your family? We have some ideas perfect for entertaining everyone and feeling like you’re “getting away” without going anywhere.

Here’s how to plan a staycation that everyone can enjoy:

  1. Take a virtual museum tour
  2. Cook exotic new recipes
  3. Curl up with a good book
  4. Enjoy a movie marathon with subtitles
  5. Catch up with an old friend
  6. Get crafty
  7. Try out a video game

Let’s have some fun learning how to plan a staycation!

Take a virtual museum tour
Ever wished you could go to a museum without dealing with all the crowds? Well, wish granted! Look into these 12 museums around the world offering virtual tours by video. You can go to museums in London, Paris, Berlin, Seoul, Florence, Amsterdam, and more, all from the comfort of home. Admire beautiful art, learn about history, and experience different cultures. Many of these virtual or online tours offer audio guides and video guides with captions, so you can immerse yourself in the exhibits while staying in complete control of the volume and catching every detail.

Cook exotic new recipes
You might not be vacationing in Thailand, but you can make a delicious Thai curry! Instead of going to Mexico, have a make-your-own-taco Tuesday. Try recipes from Africa, explore hearty foods from Eastern Europe, head north to sample some traditional Nordic dishes, or venture to South Asia with savory Indian food. Whatever you’re in the mood for, it’s like traveling around the globe right from your own kitchen! Following along with a video recipe on YouTube? Check out our guide to turning captions on so you can easily read each step.

Curl up with a good book
A staycation is a perfect time to spend hours losing yourself in a good book. Maybe you’ve had something on your reading list that you’ve meant to get to. Or you can re-read a comforting old favorite! We also have some favorite must-read hearing loss books for all ages.

Enjoy a movie marathon with subtitles
This staycation idea can take you to other worlds entirely! Make some popcorn and start bingeing films you’ve been meaning to catch up on, or the latest must-see streaming television series. Subtitles are available on almost every DVD and streaming service out there these days, making it a great staycation option if you have hearing loss. There are also some fantastic silent movies out there that won’t even require caption-reading.

Catch up with an old friend
Life gets busy, and months or even years can fly by before we realize it. But when you’re chatting with an old friend, it can feel like no time has passed at all while you’re laughing over old inside jokes and reliving memories. If you have hearing loss, consider using a CapTel captioned telephone or a Zoom call with captions to catch up without missing a word.

Get crafty
Enjoy some hands-on fun making decorations or useful items for around the house! For instance, try one of these winter craft ideas like a wreath or fleece blanket. Or, with spring coming up, get ready with some bright spring craft ideas.

Try out a video game
Video games aren’t just for kids anymore — seniors can enjoy them and reap benefits from the mental and physical stimulation! Since it’s too cold in most places to play sports like tennis and badminton outdoors, you could play them on a Wii games console. Or show off your moves and get cardio with a copy of Just Dance! If you don’t have a traditional video game console, you can also try classic games online like Scrabble, Sudoku or mahjong.

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