Find out how these telephones differ from a traditional phone here.

Find out what makes hearing loss telephones different from traditional phones here.If you or someone you care about experiences hearing loss, you may find phone communication challenging. However, today’s advances in phone technology provide helpful features designed specifically for people with hearing loss. These special “hearing loss telephones” work slightly differently than a traditional phone, and often include additional customization and hearing-loss friendly features. Here are a few of the biggest differences between hearing loss telephones and traditional phone models:

  • Amplification
  • Captioning
  • Hearing aid compatibility
  • Additional customization

Learn more about these differences between hearing loss telephones and the standard phone model below.

Most hearing loss telephones provide amplification beyond the standard phone. These amplifier phones allow you to turn up the volume to amplify incoming sounds, sometimes up to 90dB. Most amplified phones also provide additional hearing features, such as tone control and louder ringer volumes. These features are especially useful for people with hearing loss who may not hear everything and could benefit from increased volume.

Some phones for hearing loss also offer captioning technology. Captioned phones provide written captions of every word your caller says so that you can listen and read along at the same time. CapTel offers four models of captioned phones for hearing loss, including Internet-based models that require access to high-speed Internet, as well as a model that works with a standard analog telephone line.

Learn more about our captioned hearing loss telephones in this guide.

Hearing aid compatibility
If you use hearing aids, you can get a hearing loss telephone designed to be compatible with your device. Hearing aid telephones provide syncing functionality between the phone and your device, making it easy to channel sound directly into your hearing aids. All CapTel captioned phones are also hearing aid compatible (HAC). Therefore, you can enjoy the benefits of written captions along with HAC.

Additional customization
Even with amplification, captioning, and hearing aid compatibility, CapTel hearing loss telephones don’t stop there! These phones can provide additional customization you won’t find in a standard telephone. Some customizable features include:

  • Display customization – Adjust the font size and color of captions to improve readability
  • Tone control – Adjust based on the frequency level that’s easiest to hear or set the tone to match your personal audiogram (2400i only)
  • Bluetooth® Wireless Technology– Connect to headsets, neck loops, and other assistive listening devices (2400i only)

These additional settings can improve your experience and boost your confidence when talking on the phone. With all these available features, the benefits of hearing loss telephones often go above and beyond the traditional telephone. To learn more about these phones, refer to this guide on finding the best phone for hearing loss for you.

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