These easy-to-read articles can help you select the best captioned phone for hearing loss for you.


One of the articles on our list will show you how to properly use your captioned phone for hearing loss.Captioned phones for hearing loss can help improve communication and give users confidence over the phone. If you’re considering getting one, we’ve put together a list of resources from our blog that may help your decision process. These posts can help you learn more about captioned phones for hearing loss and determine the features that are most important to you.

Check out these helpful articles before getting your captioned phone for hearing loss:

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5 Facts about Hearing Loss Telephones
If you’re interested in the technology, history, or functionality of captioned phones for hearing loss before you acquire one, then this resource is right for you. Learn about the interesting facts like when the first hearing loss telephone was in use and how they work. Check out the blog to expand your knowledge about phones for hearing loss and CapTel captioning technology.

Benefits of Captioned Phone Technology for Hearing Loss
For background information on captioned phone technology, this blog post is a helpful resource to learn about its benefits. A captioned phone for hearing loss is convenient, easy to use, and can give you peace of mind. It can also increase your confidence when communicating over the phone. Check out the post to learn more about what captioned phone technology can do for you.

4 Signs a Captioned Phone for Hearing Loss May Be Right for You
If you’re still on the fence about whether you or someone you care about should be using a captioned phone for hearing loss, this article can help you learn when it can be helpful. Learn about four signs that indicate you may benefit from the use of a captioned phone. To find out more about these signs and how captioned phones can help, check out this article in its entirety.

Are Hearing Loss Telephones Right for You?
This article contains an overview of captioned phones for hearing loss, including what they are, how they work, and what types are available. You can also revisit a few of the signs that captioned phones may be right for you or someone you care about. Check out the blog to find out everything you need to know about hearing loss telephones.

Is the Internet Required to Use a Captioned Telephone?
Some captioned phones for hearing loss require the internet, and some don’t. This article provides details on our different models, their features, which ones require internet, and which one you can use with your standard phone line (no internet needed). Read more to find out which models are best for internet and non-internet users, so you can decide which captioned phone is right for you.

What to Look for in Hearing Loss Telephones
What should you look for in your captioned phone for hearing loss? From amplification and tone control to built-in features like a phone book, there are many factors you may want to consider.  Read more to find out exactly what to prioritize for your needs and preferences when you’re searching for the best phone for hearing loss.

Features to Look for in a Phone for Hearing Loss
Once you’re on the hunt for a phone for hearing loss, it can be helpful to know about all the options. Similar to the previously listed article, this post explains the different features to consider. From built-in amplifiers to hearing aid compatibility, there are many factors to look for to ensure your new phone meets your personal hearing needs and preferences. Check out the full post before making your decision.

How to Choose the Right Captioned Telephone
Now that you know which features to look for, it’s time to get to work on determining the best model for you. You can use this helpful article as a checklist. Ask yourselves the questions provided and determine which captioned phone fits your hearing needs and personal preferences.

Tips for Using a Phone for Hearing Loss to Improve Communication with Others
Before you make your decision, you might want to know the best ways to use it to get the maximum benefit. This post will take you through how to set up captions, as well as other helpful tips that will improve your communication. Read more to gain confidence next time you chat on the phone.

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