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Inspirational Blogs Featuring Hearing Loss Articles

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Check out these inspirational blogs to read hearing loss articles.It’s comforting to have others that share your experiences, think similar thoughts, and relate to your laughter or frustrations. These six blogs featuring inspirational hearing loss articles can do exactly that, however the views shared on these blogs may not necessarily reflect our opinion. From helpful tips to relatable experiences and ways to find the humor in everyday life, visit these blogs for hearing loss articles of every kind:

  • Living with Hearing Loss
  • The Invisible Disability and Me
  • Hear Me Out [CC]
  • The Limping Chicken
  • Deafie Blogger
  • Voices of Audicus

Keep reading to learn about the hearing loss articles you’ll find on each of these blogs.

Living with Hearing Loss
Hearing health advocate Shari Eberts started experiencing genetic hearing loss in her twenties. On her blog, she reflects on topics like what hearing loss has taught her, handling hearing loss in the workplace, enjoying movies and live theater performances, and much more. Shari is passionate about battling the stigma of hearing loss and was named a HearStrong Champion in 2015 for her efforts.

The Invisible Disability and Me
After being diagnosed with sudden sensorineural hearing loss, Laura Lowles started a blog about adjusting and coming to terms with this new way of life. Regular hearing loss article topics include how to manage communication, tips for coping with hearing loss, helpful tips and tricks, and stories about her hearing loss journey. Read about how she planned her wedding with hearing loss, what it’s like to get a cochlear implant, and heaps of other inspirational content.

Hear Me Out [CC]
This site not only features a collection of hearing loss articles; there’s also a podcast and video series with transcripts and/or subtitles. Creator Ahmed Khalifa shares his own experiences like navigating airports and planes and features profiles on other people with hearing loss. Beyond personal stories, he also produces content on informational topics, such as the difference between Deaf with a lowercase or capital D.

The Limping Chicken
Over 120 deaf writers contribute to this UK-based blog. These hearing loss articles often take on a lighthearted tone, and personal experiences mix with hearing-loss-related news. Check out stories like the experiences of a deaf waitress and this humorous take on Christmas dinner.

Deafie Blogger
Deafie Blogger does some writing for her own site, but primarily uses the blog as a platform to share hearing loss articles she publishes elsewhere. For instance, she has a piece on dating, relationships, and deafness at the Limping Chicken and tips for cooking with hearing loss at HearingLikeMe. Follow her blog to stay up-to-date with her work.

Voices of Audicus
This blog by Audicus shares stories from people living with hearing loss. You’ll read about their hearing loss history, the experiences they’ve had through their journeys, and their perspectives on various topics related to hearing loss. In these hearing loss articles, you’ll also learn about their accomplishments and the things they love to do—like Lance, who loves to hike and camp, and Wally, who’s spending his retirement mentoring young people, woodworking, and enjoying autumn leaf-peeping trips with his wife.

Ready to get inspired and think about hearing loss in a whole new way? These blogs might do the trick. Of course, these are just a few suggestions – there are a lot of other blogs out there too. For even more hearing loss articles, check out our blog where you can discover tips for living with hearing loss, hearing loss-friendly travel destinations, and how CapTel captioned telephones can help you catch every word over the phone.