31 Ways to nurture your well-being and happiness in retirement.

Maximize your retirement life by filling your days with activities you love.If you’re like most people, your retirement planning efforts centered on building a financial portfolio designed to cover your expenses after you stopped working. But what about also planning for your emotional well-being? Psychologists believe that figuring out which activities will make you tick in your retirement years is just as important as safeguarding your financial security. As we examine different ways to enjoy retirement life, we encourage you to ask yourself this question: what activities make me happy?

While everyone’s interests are different, here are 31 ideas that can help inspire you to think about ways to maximize your happiness in retirement.

What to do in retirement to fill your days with joy:

  1. Work part-time doing what you love
  2. Volunteer for a non-profit, school, nursing home, or another mission dear to your heart
  3. Take a photography class
  4. Join a gym or exercise studio
  5. Learn a new language
  6. Join a book club
  7. Research your ancestry
  8. Play video games
  9. Train dogs or horses
  10. Take a tap, ballet, or ballroom dance class
  11. Travel to senior-friendly cities
  12. Start a collection of coins, seashells, or stamps
  13. Go hiking
  14. Bake sweet treats
  15. Become politically active
  16. Enroll in continuing education courses
  17. Do yoga or tai chi outdoors
  18. Visit museums, galleries, and science centers
  19. Play cards or other games
  20. Schedule regular playdates or phone calls with your grandchildren
  21. Write poems, short stories, or a novel
  22. Learn to paint, create pottery, make jewelry, or just be creative
  23. Join a religious organization
  24. Plant a garden
  25. Schedule regular dinner dates or get-togethers with friends
  26. Solve crossword puzzles
  27. Play golf or tennis
  28. Ride a bike or take walks
  29. Learn to meditate
  30. Assemble jigsaw puzzles
  31. Simply relax

The way you spend your time in retirement is all up to you. Only your rules apply, so choose activities that invite you to explore, enjoy, and savor. By doing so, you can maximize your retirement experience as you nurture your well-being and live your happy.

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