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What Type of Crafter Are You? [Quiz]

Find simple craft ideas for seniors that fit your personality and preferences.


Our quiz will help you discover craft ideas for seniors that fit your personality.Attention, senior crafters: do you find yourself dabbling in a little of this and a little of that – never entirely sure of your true creative passion? If you’re having trouble deciding which craft comes next, take this easy quiz to uncover your crafting personality. Simply mark your responses and tally them to discover simple craft ideas for seniors to add to your artistic wish list. Let’s get started!

1. It’s time to begin a new craft. The first thing you do is:

A. Think about making something for a person in your life who could use a smile the most
B. Meticulously choose colors and patterns that coordinate with your home or wardrobe
C. Take a crafting class to learn a new technique you’ve never tried before 

2. When getting together with your friends for coffee, you spend most of your time:

A. Soaking up the moment and treasuring your time together
B. Discussing the latest trends in home décor or fashion
C. Recruiting your companions to join you for an exciting weekend getaway

3. Your birthday is coming up! You are planning to celebrate by:

A. Hosting an intimate homemade dinner for your closest loved ones
B. Spending the day shopping and getting your nails done
C. Being spontaneous and letting the day unfold as it may

4. Your favorite types of crafts are:

A. Personal and precious
B. Stylish and savvy
C. Unusual and eye-catching

It’s time to reveal the results! Find your crafting personality type below.

If you answered mostly A: You’re the Sentimental Crafter

Your sentimental approach to crafting is thoughtful and heartwarming. You take great joy in making special keepsakes for those you love and use your talents to create mementos of your most cherished memories.

Get inspired to make one of these easy sentimental crafts for seniors:

If you answered mostly B: You’re the Stylish Crafter

When you make a craft, you want it to reflect your distinctive personal style. You have an eye for design and are the go-to resource in your social circle for fashion and décor trends.

Stay on-trend with these stylish and simple craft ideas for seniors:

If you answered mostly C: You’re the Adventurous Crafter

Crafting is fun because you like to transform ordinary things into extraordinary masterpieces. No craft idea or technique is off-limits! You’re happy to give it a go and see what happens.

Think outside-the-box with these easy crafting ideas for seniors with adventurous taste:

Crafting is fun no matter your personality! We hope we inspired you to express your creative side with these easy craft ideas for seniors – or anyone. For more senior living and independence articles, visit our blog today.

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