With fall rapidly approaching, it’s time to start figuring out how you will stay active as the weather gets cooler. Fall is an excellent time of year to enjoy the mild weather, community events and beautifully changing colors. The cool (but not cold) temperatures make fall a wonderful season for active senior living. Here are some senior friendly fall activities that you can enjoy, and some quick tips for dealing with fall weather:

The Grid Iron
Football is one of America’s favorite pastimes, and easily one of the most popular fall sports. Heading to football games is a great way to spend time outdoors with friends and family. If you can’t go to live games, you can still make it a social event by inviting people over for a game-watching party.

Bird watching
Because fall is when birds begin heading south, it’s the perfect opportunity to watch the action. You will find birds you don’t get to see other times of year as they pass through or head to your area. Bird watching is another outdoor activity that takes advantage of fall’s cool temperatures, which means you can take longer strolls, giving you even more opportunity to catch a glimpse of birds flying past. This activity satisfies the desires of animal lovers, science enthusiasts and exercise-minded seniors alike.

Outdoor yoga
Whether you’ve never done yoga or are already a practiced yogi, performing yoga outdoors can be a fun, fresh experience. Taking an outdoor yoga class in the fall means that as you engage your muscles, you’re also taking in all the beautiful colors of fall. Waiting until fall to head outdoors with your mat also means avoiding the extreme heat of summer. Still, fall can get cold and windy, so make sure you’re not underdressed when exercising outdoors. Yoga pants and long-sleeved, sweat-wicking clothes will help keep you dry and warm.

To the farm
Fall is known for apples and pumpkins, and there are plenty of opportunities in autumn to get closer to both. Head to an apple orchard or pumpkin patch to learn about the growing process of these fall crops. You can also pick your own apples, which is a much more enjoyable way to get produce than the grocery store. An afternoon of apple picking is a fun way to spend the day with someone close to you, and you’ll always love the apples you picked yourself.

Community events
It’s hard to say why fall is such a plentiful season for community activities. Maybe it has to do with historically needing to band together to prepare for winter, or maybe it’s because we get more social as family holidays approach. Whatever the reason, fall is full of festivals and fairs. These events let you get closer to the people around you, and offer an opportunity to give back to your community. They may have stands selling locally made art or produce, which let you support the people around you while getting an insight into what they make and do.

Quick Tips:

  • Depending on your location, fall weather can be unpredictable. Be sure to check the forecast before you head out to make sure you’re prepared for temperature changes or rain.
  • Layers are your best friend in fall, since they’re easy to take off or put on as you move from inside to outside. Scarves, shawls and sweaters will help let you control your personal temperature.
  • All those leaves covering the ground may be beautiful, but they can also be very slippery. Take care when walking through or across leaves, particularly if it has rained recently. The same holds true for cars, so avoid driving over leaves when possible.
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