If your doctor tells you that you need to work more exercise into your routine, your likely response is to start running, cycling or partaking in some other form of cardio. These types of exercise are great for your cardiovascular health and are cheap or even free to start doing. However, any fitness junkie will tell you that in order to keep your body in tip-top shape, you need to factor both strength training and cardio into your fitness regimen. Many people shy away from muscle building because they aren’t interested in joining a gym or fitness center. But there are plenty of ways that you can work strength and resistance training into your regular routine, right at home.

  • Wall sits: Wall sits are incredibly easy to work into your everyday routine. You don’t even have to block out time to work them in. Simply stand with your back against the wall and lower yourself until your legs are at a 90-degree angle, like they are when you’re sitting down. Try doing this during the commercials of your favorite TV programs or every time you walk past a certain area of your house. Start off sitting for about 30 seconds, then work your way up to a full minute. Then, challenge yourself to consistently hold yourself in a seated position a little bit longer.
  • Squats: Squats work your lower body, including your thighs and glutes. To successfully do a squat, stand with your feet about a hip’s width apart, then lower your buttocks down. Don’t go any lower than your knees, and don’t use your arms to help pull you up. Hold them either above your head or in front of you for balance.??
  • Pushups: Work some nostalgia into your fitness routine by throwing in some pushups. This exercise may have been the bane of your existence back in gym class, but you may feel differently when you realize the strength they help build in your arms. If you have difficulty doing a traditional pushup at first, put your knees on a folded towel or blanket for your exercise session, and then work your way up to doing a pushup on your toes.
Push-ups are a simple way to strength train.Pushups are a simple way to strength train.

Get some supplies
If you’re interested in really devoting yourself to your strength training, there are a few low-cost supplies that’ll get you right on track. A few dumbbells of different weights, a medicine ball or kettlebells, and a stability ball can really help you get started and keep you motivated. After all, it’s always exciting to start learning how to use new equipment. You may find that you really enjoy resistance training and begin to challenge yourself by delving deeper into the workouts.

Don’t train too much
According to Bodybuilding.com, strength training is most effective when you give your muscles the proper time to recuperate. It’s important to make sure you don’t resistance train too much to avoid injuring yourself. If you’re using weights or kettlebells, start with a low weight and work your way up to something more challenging, rather than starting off heavy. This will lower your chances of exercise-related injuries. Try training every other day, and if you’re still sore from your previous workout, don’t hesitate to take an extra day off. When beginning any new routine, speak with your doctor before you begin about what would work best for you.

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