Staying Active in Cold Weather: 5 Winter Exercise TipsWhen the weather outside is frightful, staying active certainly becomes less delightful. From furious blizzards, blistering winds to shivering temperatures, the list of forecast-related excuses for not exercising can quickly start to pile up during the winter season. If you’re struggling for ways to stay active in the cold weather, here’s a few suggestions to consider to stay healthy and stimulated during the winter season:

Home exercise equipment
If the thought of going outside in the cold to head to the gym seems daunting, why not bring the gym to your house? Having home exercise equipment available can provide you with the necessary means to get a great workout in during the winter, and doesn’t leave you with any excuses not to stay active. You should invest in types of workout machines that cater to your favorite activities, such as a stationary bike for those who love cycling or a treadmill that’s ideal for solid cardio exercise. You can also increase any at-home workout by including the usage of dumbbells, which should be a staple accessory to any home gym.

Join an activity
While the weather may not be ideal for going on a jog around the neighborhood or taking your usual bike trek, one way to stay motivated and active during the winter is to sign up for a gym or enroll in local classes. Once you’ve gone through the process of signing up and paying for a membership, you’ll feel more incentive to utilize this service, channeling the motivation to get out of the house and get the exercise you need during the winter. Enrolling in various workout classes or sessions is also a great way to meet new people, and with more friends comes added pressure to stay true to your winter workout routine.

Relish the outdoors
Just because there’s snow everywhere you look doesn’t mean there isn’t ample opportunity to get some exercise in. Take advantage of all the physical activity options you can take part in that involve the snow. For starters, skiing is an excellent activity that not only requires working up a little sweat, but also has been regarded as being one of the most senior-friendly hobbies during the wintertime. Researchers from the University of New Hampshire state that one of the best ways skiing benefits aging is through the strengthening of your bones and joints with each step you take while sliding on the snow. This will help improve your flexibility, as well as work to protect you from further injuries later on in life. If downhill skiing seems a little intimidating, consider flat-surfaced cross country skiing, or even go snowshoeing in a scenic park.

Get dancing
No matter what the weather is like outside, it’s always a good time to go dancing! Whether you’re going out for an evening on the town or simply putting on a record at home next to the cozy fire, it’s always easy to find a place to dance the night away. Best of all, dancing has been proven to be one of the most beneficial exercises for seniors. The AARP reports that dancing can enhance your body in a variety of ways, ranging from strengthening bones and muscles, improving posture and balance as well as lowering blood pressure.

Go bowling
Bowling is always one of those forgotten sports that can be played regardless of the season. Going out to the alley to bowl a few frames with your friends is not only a good way to gain a little exercise, but it’s an excellent resource for socialization too. Whether you’re throwing gutter balls or strikes, bowling is always a good time and great resource for staying active during the cold weather. There are also plenty of options for bowling without leaving the house using an in-home gaming device such as the Wii or Xbox.

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