Enjoy exercising with hearing loss

Receiving adequate amounts of exercise every day is important, regardless of auditory impairment. The American Heart Association recommends getting at least 30 minutes of physical activity throughout the day to ensure a healthy lifestyle. Here are a few tips for those with hearing loss to stay safe while partaking in your favorite exercises.

Whether its the breaststroke, butterfly or doggy paddle, swimming is an excellent source of exercise that keeps the blood pumping and your heart thumping. It is also great on your bones and joints because it’s a low-impact activity. The biggest factor to remember before swimming is always take your hearing aids out before entering the pool to avoid damage to your devices.
Even if they are water-resistant, odds are a little water can be extremely harmful to your hearing aids.

Going for a 30-minute bike ride is always a great way to provide your lungs with a breath of fresh air while improving your blood circulation. However, its an exercise that requires extreme attention to your surroundings to avoid accidents. Try to bike in areas that have low traffic, such as designated cycling trails or countrysides. Keep a rearview mirror on your bike so you can always be alert of any passing cyclists behind you.

If you don’t have a bike and can’t find a pool, walking is always a dependable form of exercise that is just as suitable in meeting your physical activity requirements. As with the other outdoor workouts, always keep an eye out for drivers and bikers passing by. Try walking in more secluded areas to avoid traffic, and its always a good idea to wear bright colors so people can easily spot you.

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