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5 Travel Resolutions to Make in 2023

Try these hearing loss-friendly travel tips in the New Year!

These travel resolutions can be adjusted for anyone traveling with hearing loss.

A new year means new goals, especially of the travel variety! So if you’ve wanted to get out and explore some new destinations, try new forms of travel, or find new hearing loss-friendly trip destinations, this list of travel resolutions is for you!

Your travel resolutions can cover a wide range of items, including:

  1. Use a new form of transportation
  2. Visit a new hearing loss-friendly destination
  3. Travel to a hearing loss-friendly gathering
  4. Try a new activity
  5. Set a goal for the number of destinations

As you can see, there is a wide variety of travel resolutions you can set for yourself in 2023! Keep reading more information and details on each of these travel resolutions. 

Use a new form of transportation

Perhaps you typically travel by car or by plane when you venture out to a new destination. For 2023, you could consider setting travel resolutions to try a cruise, a train, or even a new form of transportation at your destination, like a kayak or helicopter tour! There are great ways to make all of these activities hearing loss-friendly, especially on a cruise. Trying a new form of transportation can open you up to more possibilities, and who knows, maybe you discover a new favorite way to travel!

Visit a new hearing loss-friendly destination

Visiting a hearing loss-friendly destination is key when planning your travel resolutions for the New Year. Many places will have accommodations for people with hearing loss, and you can help make your experience smoother with a few tips and tricks. For example, if you’d like to try camping in a national park, read up on what to bring and what to expect in your new destination! A quick internet search of your destination should provide you with accessibility information accommodations available.

Travel to a hearing loss-friendly gathering

If you’d like to set some travel resolutions for 2023, why not include a hearing loss-friendly meetup? There are plenty of gatherings and get-togethers you can choose from, and chances are there is one near to you. If you’ve never gone to a hearing loss-friendly gathering, walk, or convention, it can be a great way to meet others in the community and broaden your network.

Try a new activity

It can be fun to step outside of your comfort zone and try something new while on vacation! For your next travel resolution, try a new activity or adventure that will excite you. This could be taking a leisurely horseback ride on the beach, trying a new food or drink, or even something like a water aerobics class in your tropical resort. Before attempting any physical activities, though, make sure you’re cleared by your doctor!

Set a goal for the number of destinations

Perhaps your new travel resolutions are about quantity in 2023; that’s great too! If you set a goal to visit a certain number of states in the year or travel internationally for the first time, that’s a fantastic New Year’s travel resolution! 

A great way to mark the number of places you’ve been is to track by an app. If you’re tech-savvy and enjoy counting up the number of places you’ve been, check out your App Store or Google Play store for travel apps! We’ve also curated a list of our favorite travel apps that are hearing loss-friendly.

Regardless of what your travel resolutions are for 2023, we wish you happy adventures and many fun memories! If you’d like to check out additional travel resources on the CapTel blog, you can find them here.