Pick up right where you left off with these helpful hints.

Learning how to reconnect with old friends can help reignite friendships from college, high school, and beyond!When life gets busy, friendships can go through lulls. But even if you go through months, years, or even decades without seeing one another, it doesn’t mean the connection is gone. Old friendships are so valuable — you have shared memories of times in your lives that will make you laugh and feel nostalgic like nothing else can.

But when you haven’t spoken to someone in a while, it can be tricky to know how to reconnect with old friends. Since July 30 is International Day of Friendship, it’s the perfect time to try some of these tips:

  1. Send a card or letter
  2. Reach out on social media
  3. Make meetup plans (and follow through)
  4. Pick up the phone and call
  5. Share a memory
  6. Plan a game night (virtual or in-person)
  7. Host a reunion
  8. Go on a trip

Below, let’s explore how to reconnect with old friends with these ideas!

Send a card or letter
A physical card or letter might be a little old-school, but there’s something extra meaningful about a real piece of paper covered with handwriting. Whether it’s a couple of short lines on a postcard or a multi-page letter, a heartfelt message can be the spark to relight the friendship (or get you a new pen pal). Of course, the only caveat to this plan is that you would have to know their current address.

Reach out on social media
No luck on the home address? The beauty of social media is that it makes it easier than ever to figure out how to reconnect with old friends. Try searching for their name, hometown, high school, university or other details to see if a profile turns up. If you’re already social media friends but haven’t spoken in a while, shoot them a message to ask how they are and start chatting!

Make meetup plans (and follow through)
We’ve all had those conversations where we tell each other, “we have to get together soon!” and then never do. Get specific and follow through! As long as you’re vaccinated and comfortable meeting up, plan to grab coffee or dinner, go on a nature walk, or get the families together.

Pick up the phone and call
If you don’t live close enough to your friend that a quick meetup is possible, schedule a phone or video call instead. A CapTel captioned telephone can help you manage calls with hearing loss by helping you catch every word!

Share a memory
Have you stumbled on an old box of photos? Or had a situation that triggered a funny memory of your past and the people you were with? Reach out and reminisce! Having someone to laugh with makes every memory better.

Plan a game night (virtual or in-person)
Sometimes, the best way to reconnect is to do a fun activity together. A game night can be a perfect option! If you live close to one another, plan a friends or families game night where you can enjoy classic party games like Pictionary and charades. Otherwise, schedule a virtual get-together over an app like Houseparty to play games over video chat!

Host a reunion
Did you have a friends group in high school, college, or your twenties that were close before you drifted in different directions? Get the gang back together! Treat yourselves to a fancy restaurant once every year or two or revisit the places and activities you used to love.

Go on a trip
Does your friend live on the other side of the country now, or even the world? It could be fun to plan a trip to their neck of the woods and see them while you’re there. Depending on your connection with one another, seeing them could be the “main event” or just a one-day detour while you do other fun things like visiting a national park or touring a city. Or you can plan a joint trip to a fun location neither of you has been to before!

Once you figure out how to reconnect with old friends, you’ll be so happy you did. Read up on the health benefits of friendship here!

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