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5 Health Benefits of Friendship

Research shows that good pals can benefit your mind and body.

One of the benefits of having friends is a stronger immune system.Whether you’re sharing laughs over a cup of coffee or leaning on each other for support in tough times, good friends always seem to be there when we need them most. Lucky for us, evidence shows that this loyalty can have powerful positive effects on our health. In fact, studies have linked close friendships to the following physical, mental, and emotional health benefits:

  1. Stronger immunity
  2. Lower stress
  3. Improved self-confidence
  4. Increased happiness
  5. Better overall health

Continue reading to learn more about what research reveals about these benefits of having friends at any age.

1.     Stronger immunity

Experts found a link between social support from friendship and the immune system. People with good friends tend to have stronger immune systems and anti-inflammatory responses that can lead to quicker wound healing and reduce the risk of illnesses, including cardiovascular disease, arthritis, and some cancers.

2.     Lower stress

Researchers believe that friendship also plays a role in the way the body processes stress. When you spend time with your pals sharing what’s on your mind, your body may produce less of the stress hormone, cortisol, which can have a calming effect.

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3. Improved self-confidence

Supportive friends can help us feel more confident by offering praise, reassurance, and a hand to hold when we’re feeling unsure. Being there for each other in this way can help to develop a lifetime of gratifying companionship.

4. Increased happiness

To find a little more joy in your life, turn to your happy friends. Studies have shown that socializing with happy people can rub off on you. Research also says that you can amp up your happiness quotient by actively building friendships instead of waiting for them to come to you.

5.     Better overall health

Medical professionals believe that meaningful friendships promote overall healthy habits because they can encourage us to swap harmful habits for healthier ones. Whether it’s a better diet, more exercise, or permission to take a well-deserved break, our friends’ influence can help lower the risk of many health problems, including high blood pressure, obesity, and depression.

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Embracing a rich social life can be good for your health throughout your life cycle. If you’re fortunate enough to have a dependable circle of friends – hooray for you! If you’re looking to foster new relationships, consider attending community events, volunteering, joining a faith community, or starting a new hobby where you can meet new people. No matter your age, you can always reap the many benefits of having good friends.

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