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Benefits of Joining a Hearing Loss Support Group

Find out why a hearing loss support group may be right for you.

Your hearing loss support group can offer you support and recommendations.When you’re dealing with any of life’s challenges, it helps to know you’re not alone. A hearing loss support group can be a great way to find friendship and advice from people who share similar experiences.

You can join online groups or find ones that meet in person, although many have shifted to virtual meetings due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Here are some of the benefits of joining a hearing loss support group:

  1. Discover new hearing loss resources
  2. Trade stories and advice
  3. Make new friends
  4. Learn about new technology
  5. Get recommendations and referrals
  6. Attend fun events
  7. Help your friends and family understand hearing loss

Let’s dive into how joining a hearing loss support group can benefit you and your friends and family!

Discover new hearing loss resources
Hearing loss support groups have helpful collections of resources for you to explore! These could include favorite hearing loss blogs or authors, educational brochures or books, or even discounts for local resources and supplies.

Trade stories and advice
Are you looking for tips on job hunting with hearing loss or strategies for managing tinnitus? Advice on traveling with hearing loss or figuring out if using hearing aids is the right choice for you? A hearing loss support group is a safe space to laugh, share success stories, and get advice on all things related to hearing loss.

Make new friends
Hearing loss can feel like an isolating experience. As you attend support group meetings or chat in online forums, you’ll start making connections with people who understand what you’re going through and may have experienced similar barriers. Members of your hearing loss support group may be able to suggest tips and strategies that worked for them. These shared experiences make it easy to connect on a personal level and form supportive friendships.

By building relationships with people who have been in your shoes or are going through the same hearing loss-related challenges as you are, your journey can feel less isolating!

Learn about new technology
If there’s a tech enthusiast in your hearing loss support group, they’ll probably have recommendations about developing hearing loss technologies and new advancements. Your group might even schedule demos or educational lectures or have a dedicated section on their website so you can learn about new products and see them for yourself.

Get recommendations and referrals
Looking for a new audiologist? Wondering which hearing aid to upgrade to? Shopping around for a hearing aid-compatible or captioned telephone? Ask your fellow support group members for their recommendations!

Attend fun events
Throughout the year, your local hearing loss support group chapter might host fun activities and events for members. For instance, the HLAA (Hearing Loss Association of America) hosts an annual Walk4Hearing event at locations nationwide. Here are some of 2021’s major hearing loss events, both in-person and virtual due to COVID-19.

Help your friends and family understand hearing loss 
Your family and friends want to support you, but they might not always understand some of the realities of living with hearing loss. Hearing loss support groups that welcome friends and family can be an excellent way for them to learn more about what it’s like to live with hearing loss and how they can help you in your journey. If your group is online, there might also be posts or videos you can share with them.

Ultimately, there are plenty of benefits to joining a hearing loss support group. Find one that works for you and enjoy the new experiences and perks you get from connecting with people on the same journey as you!

For more hearing loss resources, keep reading the CapTel blog, or contact a CapTel Outreach Educator in your area.