Discover how a hearing aid telephone can make phone calls easier.

Filtering sound directly into your hearing aid is one of the benefits that hearing aid compatible telephones can offer.The best phones for people with hearing aids are those equipped with hearing aid compatibility (HAC), which allows the phone to sync directly to your hearing aid and makes it easier to hear phone calls. Hearing aid compatible telephones provide a variety of benefits that we’ll cover in this article, including:

  1. Filter sound directly into your hearing aid
  2. Amplify sound more than traditional phones
  3. Reduce background noise and feedback
  4. Distinguish voices over the phone
  5. Read captions of your coversation
  6. Feel confident on the phone again

Keep reading to learn more about these benefits of hearing aid compatible telephones and how they can help improve your conversations over the phone.

Filter sound into your hearing aid
Most hearings aids are built with telecoil technology, which is a small copper wire that is coiled and placed inside your device. This component helps funnel sound from any T-coil compatible systems right into your device. When looking for a hearing aid compatible telephone, check to ensure that it has T-coil capability. All CapTel captioned telephones are designed with this compatibility already built into its circuitry. These hearing aid telephones will sync with the T-coil setting to direct your caller’s voice directly into your hearing aid.

Amplify sound more than traditional phones
Hearing aid compatible telephones give users more freedom to amplify sounds and customize tones than traditional phones. With an amplification gain of up to 40dB, all CapTel captioned phones can help increase the volume of your caller’s voice to make it easier to hear them on the other end. Having this ability to adjust the volume to meet your individual hearing needs is another invaluable benefit of hearing aid compatible telephones.

Reduce background noise and feedback
Since hearing aids help amplify all the sounds around you, they can make phone calls challenging when there’s background noise or feedback. Hearing aid compatible telephones can help with this challenge too. Known as a technology called acoustic coupling, the microphone on your hearing aid will automatically pick up sounds from your phone at the volume you’ve chosen. To help prevent it from also picking up background noise or feedback, CapTel captioned telephones pick up only what you need and eliminate other distracting sounds. This way, you can stay focused on the phone call and feel more confident that you’ve caught every word.

Distinguish voices over the phone
Beyond the amplification of sound, tone control is another helpful benefit of some hearing aid compatible telephones. They can give users the ability to alter the tone and tailor the frequency of voices to fit their hearing needs. CapTel captioned phones allow you to customize the tone and frequency to help distinguish voices. If lower tones are easier to hear, you might choose the “low” setting. Or select “high” if high-pitched tones are better. Or, opt for “medium” if mid-ranged frequencies sound the best to you. The CapTel 2400i even allows you to customize sound frequencies to your personal audiogram to help deliver the best possible sound quality.

Read captions of your conversation
Some hearing aid compatible telephones provide even more benefits beyond amplification and sound control. CapTel captioned telephones also provide users with an easy-to-read screen that displays captions of everything the caller says. If you didn’t catch something, you can simply read the captions. All CapTel models feature the flexibility to choose font sizes and colors on the screen to suit your reading preferences and offer other convenient features like a built-in answering machine and phone book for frequently called numbers.

Feel confident on the phone again
The final benefit of hearing aid compatible telephones that we’ll cover in this post is that they can help you regain confidence when using the phone. You don’t have to worry about missing part of the conversation when making and receiving phone calls! CapTel’s hearing aid compatible captioned telephones can make it easier and more enjoyable to stay connected over the phone.

CapTel captioned telephones include essential and advanced HAC features like tone and frequency control, extra sound amplification, and so much more. They also come with the added benefit of displaying captions, which can be a game-changer when you’re looking for hearing aid compatible telephones. With CapTel’s captioned phones, you’ll never miss a word over the phone again!

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