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What is Telecoil Technology?

Attention hearing aid wearers: Find out what you need to know about T-coil technology.

Find out everything you need to know about telecoil technology for hearing aids here.

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If you experience hearing loss, you may use hearing aids to amplify sound and make it easier to hear everyday conversations and other noises. One useful feature in these hearing loss devices is telecoil (T-coil) technology. If you’re a hearing aid wearer, keep reading to find out the answers to these questions:

  • What is telecoil technology
  • What does telecoil do?
  • How do you use telecoil technology?
  • What are the benefits?

Find out more about T-coil technology for people who wear hearing aids below.

What is telecoil technology?
A telecoil, or T-coil, is a component found in most hearing aids to add additional functions to your device. This small copper wire is coiled and placed inside your hearing loss device, alongside the microphone, amplifier, and receiver. Some hearing aids may be too small for T-coil to be built-in, such as small behind-the-ear models or smaller ear canal sized devices. Ask your audiologist if your hearing aid is equipped with telecoil technology.

What does telecoil do?

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The T-coil inside a hearing aid mainly functions as a wireless antenna that can link to other sound systems, such as landline telephones or induction loop systems. They help deliver amplified sound directly to your hearing aid to help improve your listening experience in many environments.

How do you use telecoil technology?
If your hearing aids have a telecoil built into their circuitry, your hearing healthcare provider can activate the coil during your first fitting. They will also customize it based on your listening needs.

Some hearing aids require a manual process in which you must push a button or switch to select the feature. Others are called “Auto-Coil” and will automatically switch to the T-coil setting when a telecoil signal is detected in the environment.

The T-coil setting on your hearing aids will work with any T-coil compatible landline phone, cell phone, and induction loop system like those at some museums, places of worship, theaters, and other public venues. Look for signs like the one on this page to indicate where hearing loops are available.

What are the benefits of telecoil technology?
The main benefit of using telecoil technology in your hearing aids is an increase in sound quality and clarity when listening to a public address system or using the telephone. Using T-coil is also incredibly easy – with just the push of a button or switch, you can receive sound directly through your device. Induction loop systems are also available for your home to help you hear the TV or other home devices.

For even more clarity when connecting with others over the phone, a CapTel Captioned Telephone for hearing loss provides captions of everything your caller says.

Telecoil technology is one assistive listening feature for hearing aid wearers that can significantly improve sound clarity in everyday life. For more articles on living with hearing loss, head to our blog.