Celebrate Earth Day with these simple ways to go green.

You can incorporate these ways to go green into your daily life.Earth Day is a perfect time to appreciate the planet, get outside to enjoy nature, and think about ways to go green in everyday life. Practicing environmentally friendly habits is an excellent way to help the earth stay healthy for years to come.

Here are seven simple ways to go green:

  1. Purchase reusable items
  2. Recycle correctly
  3. Think minimalist
  4. Carpool to events
  5. Make easy food swaps
  6. Walk and bike around town
  7. Grow a garden

Let’s explain these ways to go green!

Purchase reusable items
In our modern world, so many things are designed to be disposable after one use, like plastic water bottles, grocery bags, takeout utensils, and so on. You can reduce a lot of waste by investing in reusable versions of these things to take on the go! Keep reusable shopping bags in your car, so you don’t forget them. Fill up a reusable bottle and put it in the fridge to quickly grab on your way out the door. You can even get a set of bamboo utensils in a little to-go pack, so you don’t have to rely on flimsy fast food utensils.

Recycle correctly
These days, everyone knows that recycling is a simple way to go green. But not everyone knows how to do it right! Here are some recycling tips to help you make the most impact:

  1. Clean your containers. They don’t have to be spotless, but food and liquid can contaminate recycling and make the workers’ jobs less pleasant.
  2. Don’t bag your recyclables or recycle loose plastic bags or plastic wrap on their own. Sometimes grocery or retail stores have places to return plastic bags.
  3. Check out this list of non-recyclable items, so you know which bin to put them in.

Think minimalist
If you’ve heard that phrase “reduce, reuse, recycle,” here’s where the reduce part comes in! Adopting a minimalist mindset means you only buy or hold on to things that you need or that will genuinely improve your life. Check out these steps for getting started! If you’re planning to declutter your space, don’t go throwing everything you don’t have use for away just yet – take the time to sort through items and see what might be donated to a thrift shop or charity to help others.

Carpool to events
If you’re going to the same place as a friend or neighbor, share the ride (and the cost of gas). Carpooling has many benefits, including lower carbon dioxide emissions, more social time, and reduced fuel expenses. Public transportation is also a good option if it’s accessible to you. Of course, this tip is best saved for post-pandemic times!

Make easy food swaps
Some foods are harder on the planet than others, so you can help save the environment from the comfort of your kitchen! Consider reducing meat and eating more legumes like beans and lentils instead. Sample dairy alternatives like oat milk and cashew milk, or swap butter for olive oil. Visit farmer’s markets or sign up for produce-sharing boxes to get fresh, local fruits and veggies that don’t have to be shipped across the country. Check out these tips to eat healthier, too!

Walk and bike around town
Here’s another tip that’s good for your health and the earth: if you don’t have to drive, walk (or peddle) instead! There are so many health benefits to walking, and biking is a fantastic cardio exercise that’s easy on your joints. With a backpack or basket to carry your things, you can run errands while enjoying some exercise and fresh air.

Grow a garden
Gardening is a wonderful way to stay in sync with nature, beautify your space, and enjoy fresh seasonal produce. The environmental benefits of gardening include cleaning the air, preventing soil erosion, and supporting native honeybee and bird populations. Vegetation even absorbs sound, so if you live in a noisy area, it’s beneficial for your hearing health too!

Excited about these ways to go green? Check out more ideas on how to celebrate Earth Day!

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