Prioritize your hearing health in the New Year with these practical resolutions.

Stick to these hearing health resolutions for happy ears in the New Year.As 2021 kicks off, plenty of people are mulling over their resolution list. Other than “try to make it better than 2020” (a resolution many of us likely share!), we’ve thought of some hearing health resolutions you can commit to in the coming months.

Consider sticking to these hearing health resolutions this year and beyond:

  1. Lower the volume
  2. Always bring hearing protection
  3. Overcome hearing loss communication barriers
  4. If you smoke, resolve to quit
  5. Build a healthy ear care regimen
  6. Keep up with your hearing health visits
  7. Eat healthy-hearing foods
  8. Unleash your inner yogi

Below, we’ll explain more about how to implement each hearing health resolution!

Lower the volume
We’re all guilty of occasionally turning the TV or our music louder than it needs to be, but resolve to be more conscious of volumes in 2021. This resolution is essential if you wear headphones or earbuds, which pipe sounds directly into your ears and can contribute to causing hearing loss.

Always bring hearing protection 
Sometimes, you can be prepared for loud events—for instance, if you plan to attend a concert or sporting event. Other times, it takes you by surprise, like a construction jackhammer outside your office building or unexpected fireworks at an event. Resolve to keep a pack of earplugs or pair of earmuffs accessible in your purse, wallet, car, and anywhere else where you can keep them on hand when you need them to protect against dangerous decibel levels.

Overcome hearing loss communication barriers
It’s common for people experiencing hearing loss to feel isolated or anxious about reaching out to people. It can be stressful to worry about following a conversation or being misunderstood. But that doesn’t have to be the case in 2021! Explore these hearing loss communication tools to help you stay connected to the people who matter most.

If you smoke, resolve to quit
There are already plenty of compelling reasons to ditch the cigarettes, but hearing health is just one more. Smokers are significantly more likely to develop hearing loss, and even exposure to secondhand smoke can impact your hearing health. Your ears and your lungs will both appreciate this hearing health resolution!

Build a healthy ear care regimen
Is your idea of ear cleaning just to stick a cotton swab in there whenever things sound muffled? Unfortunately, those ear swabs can do more harm than good by pushing earwax deeper into your ear canal. Brush up on how to safely care for your ears by gently washing your outer ears with a warm washcloth, and taking steps to alleviate pressure on airplanes.

Keep up with your hearing health visits
There are so many talented doctors and audiologists who have dedicated their lives to the subject of hearing health. It’s always a good idea to seek help from the experts! Learn tips for finding the right audiologist for you, and make sure to stick to the check-up schedule they recommend in 2021.

Eat healthy-hearing foods
The foods we eat can impact our health and wellbeing in so many ways, and that includes hearing! In 2021, resolve to whip up tasty recipes with foods that are good for our hearing, like whole grains, leafy greens, beans, nuts, bananas, and more.

Unleash your inner yogi
Yoga is known for its power to relax your mind and keep your joints and muscles flexible, but not many people know that there can be benefits to your ears as well. Yoga exercises that promote better blood flow to the ears may help improve hearing loss and tinnitus symptoms! Incorporate these fun yoga moves like the “cobra” and the “tree” into your routine for better health all around.

The team at CapTel wishes you all a healthy-hearing new year! Next, see our guide to choosing the best captioned phone for your needs.

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