Make next year the best one yet with these thoughtful resolution ideas.

One of the New Year’s resolutions for people with hearing loss is to schedule a hearing test.A new decade is almost upon us! The arrival of 2020 brings a fresh slate full of possibilities. Start it off right by committing to one, two, or even all 11 of these inspiring resolutions for people with hearing loss:

  1. Schedule a hearing test
  2. Protect your hearing
  3. Visit a national park
  4. Read a new hearing loss book
  5. Take a road trip
  6. Eat hearing health-promoting foods
  7. Check out a new hearing loss blog
  8. Safely care for your ears
  9. Reconnect with a friend or family member
  10. Incorporate assistive technology
  11. Download a new hearing loss app

Let’s dive into these resolutions and what makes them an excellent way to set your foundation for the 2020s.

Schedule a hearing test
Knowledge is power! Understanding your hearing health helps you make the best decisions going forward. Schedule a hearing test with an audiologist so you can learn about your current hearing level, how you process different tones and frequencies, and more about your hearing health. Find out what to expect at a hearing test on our blog.

Protect your hearing
Resolve to make a habit of incorporating hearing-safety as part of your day-to-day routine. Learn about different decibel levels to avoid and what activities require wearing ear protection. As a new-year gift to yourself, consider picking up a hearing protection gadget like noise-cancelling headphones or ZEM hearing protectors.

Visit a national park
There’s a lot of beauty to explore out there! Plan a visit to a hearing-loss-friendly national park and marvel at the wildlife, mountains, flowers, and so much more.

Read a new hearing loss book
Making time for yourself in the new year is an important goal, and reading is a great way to achieve it. This year, consider picking up a book related to hearing loss. Whether it’s an inspirational story about personal success or a how-to book with helpful tips and strategies, there are several hearing-loss related books that can keep you entertained or educated throughout the new year. Must-read books about hearing loss.

Take a road trip
Make this the year you take that trip you’ve always wanted to. Whether it’s traveling up the coast, following historic Route 66, or visiting friends in another state, start planning your adventure early in the year so you enjoy looking forward to it now! Check some sights off your bucket list and enjoy the wind in your hair! While planning your road trip, consider these helpful hearing loss road-trip tips.

Eat hearing health-promoting foods
The most popular New Year’s resolution? To eat healthier in the new year.  These foods offer health benefits for your entire body, but your ears, in particular, will appreciate them. You might not even need a resolution to eat some on the list (like dark chocolate)! In addition to the fun ones, try focusing on new recipes with foods that aren’t your favorite yet, but might be by the end of next year, like flaxseed or mushrooms.

Check out a new hearing loss blog
Add some of these hearing loss blogs to your daily routine to get inspired, informed, and encouraged every day. To stay up-to-date on even more hearing loss blog articles throughout the year, bookmark our hearing loss blog too!

Safely care for your ears
Start the new year out right by incorporating ear-care into your daily schedule. Ears are sometimes forgotten in self-care routines, but they deserve love too! After all, they help us do more than hear – they also help our balance. Follow these ear care tips that don’t take much time, but show your ears the love they deserve.

Reconnect with a friend or family member
Let 2020 be the year you re-connect with the important people in your life. Resolve to reach out and catch up more frequently with friends and family members. If hearing loss makes it difficult to have phone conversations, see if captioned hearing loss telephones could be right for you. By displaying captions of everything your caller says, they can help you catch every word as you re-connect with those you care about.

Incorporate assistive technology 
Technology changes so rapidly, there are assistive devices and hearing technology never before available. This year, consider incorporating some of these convenient, helpful devices into your daily routine.  Learn about different developing assistive listening options that you may want to add to your arsenal in 2020. From induction loops to captioned telephones, there’s a world of technology that can help make engaging with the world easier than ever before.

Download a new hearing loss app
Lastly, this is an easy resolution you can fulfill immediately. These smartphone apps all have helpful – and fun – features for people with hearing loss. Download some of them and try them out for the New Year!

Happy New Year from all of us at CapTel!

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