Hearing loss prevention begins with early detection.

Discover reasons why you should get an annual hearing test here.

While most people remember to schedule their annual physicals or dental cleanings, it can be easy to overlook doing the same for your hearing. However, annual hearing tests are just as important for your overall health as other preventative care appointments. Here’s why:

  1. Identify potential problems early
  2. Compare to past baseline hearing tests
  3. Diagnose health concerns
  4. Prevent further hearing damage
  5. Start treatment if needed

Learn more below about annual hearing tests and why it’s a good idea to have your hearing checked.

Identify potential problems early
Early detection is often the most important step to treating medical concerns – the same goes for hearing health. By having a check-up at least once a year (or as often as your doctor suggests), your audiologist can spot any potential changes or issues as they arise. You’ll also have an opportunity to discuss any signs or symptoms you’ve noticed that may be impacting your ability to hear. Getting into the routine of scheduling annual hearing tests will help protect your hearing and prevent further hearing loss.

Learn how to choose the right audiologist for you and review these common signs of hearing loss before you go.

Compare to past baseline hearing tests
Another benefit of having annual hearing tests is that you and your healthcare provider can compare your current hearing health to past information. These “baseline” hearing tests serve as a frame of reference for how sensitive you are to sounds and the best volumes for speech. Because hearing loss is often a gradual process that takes place over time, these baselines can help your audiologist place your current hearing health in context with previously known data.

Diagnose health concerns
Hearing loss can be caused by many factors including age, exposure to dangerously loud noises, and other underlying medical conditions like diabetes that can impact your hearing health. During your annual hearing exam, your doctor can look for these types of symptoms, and if needed, help determine the best treatment option for you.

Prevent further hearing damage
Some experts believe that it’s possible for untreated hearing loss to gradually become worse. If you have hearing loss symptoms, an annual hearing exam can help you stay on top of preventing further damage because you’ll have a professional diagnosis and a treatment plan that works for you.

Start treatment if needed
Our final reason to get an annual hearing screening is so that you can identify and begin treatment for any hearing health concerns as soon as possible. Your treatment may involve hearing protection devices, aural rehabilitation, hearing enhancement devices, assistive listening devices or balance therapies. Talk with your audiologist about the best treatment options for your personal needs and lifestyle.

These reasons to get an annual hearing test show the importance of taking care of your hearing health every year. Hearing loss prevention often begins with early detection and proactive treatment of hearing health concerns. For more information on your annual exam, review our guide on what to expect at a hearing test here.

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