Discover hints for navigating these classic holiday traditions with ease.

These holiday communication tips for people with hearing loss can help you navigate classic holiday activities.The holiday season is often overflowing with family get-togethers and festive traditions like parties and caroling. While this time of year can be filled with joy, the hustle and bustle can pose challenges for people with hearing loss. In this post, we’ve outlined helpful holiday communication tips for navigating classic holiday traditions, including:

  • Gift shopping
  • Dinner gatherings
  • Live holiday productions
  • Holiday parties
  • Drive-through light shows

Keep reading to discover holiday communication tips that can help make these traditions bright this season.

Gift shopping
Bustling malls and shops are filled with holiday cheer, but they can also make it challenging to catch what your companions or store associates are saying. To avoid holiday crowds that tend to ramp up after Thanksgiving and remain steady through Christmas, consider finishing your shopping earlier in the year. You may also choose to shop for gifts online instead of going to the store in person. If you decide to brave the crowds during the busiest season, consider going during off-peak hours and opt for weekdays instead of weekends. Research suggests that December 13 may be the least-crowded day for stores during the holiday season.

Holiday dinners
In a dinner setting at someone’s home, request that you sit next to a friend or family member willing to assist you by repeating words as necessary. This trusted partner can help you feel more confident by helping to fill in gaps in the conversation.

If you’re in a restaurant and you’re comfortable doing so, let the host know that you have hearing loss and request to be seated in a quieter area. You may also choose to dine during off-peak hours, which are typically before 5:00 pm and after 8:00 pm.

And if you are hosting dinner and prefer to read lips, turn up the lighting in the dining room during the meal to ensure the space is well-lit. If you choose to have music on, keep it at a lower level to ensure easy communication

Live holiday productions
Musicals, plays, and other live productions can be a thrilling way to get into the holiday spirit. If you’re planning to attend such a performance, be sure to protect yourself from noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL). The concert hearing protection tips in this article contain helpful hints to keep in mind, including wearing earplugs or earmuffs, taking breaks, keeping a safe distance from the speakers, limiting alcohol use, and visiting a hearing professional if you suspect signs of damage.

Learn more about gadgets that can help protect your hearing here.

Attending a holiday party
Holiday gatherings and other parties are all around during this wonderful time of year. These gatherings provide an opportunity to catch up with friends and family. To make it easier to hear at these festive events, consider asking your conversation partner(s) to break into smaller groups and move to a quieter area. Another holiday communication tip for gatherings is to take breaks from the party when needed. If you feel overwhelmed by the noise levels, feel free to go outside, stop by the restroom, or find a spot in a quieter room to refresh. You can then re-enter the party when you’re ready.

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Drive-through holiday light tours
Many communities offer drive-through holiday light shows where you can tour festive displays from the comfort of your car. If you’re planning to take family or friends with you, consider some of our road trip tips for people with hearing loss from a recent article. Turning down the volume on the radio, keeping the windows rolled up, and letting companions know your communication preferences may be particularly helpful when partaking in this holiday tradition.

These holiday communication tips for people with hearing loss can help you navigate common seasonal traditions with ease. Find even more holiday hearing loss tips that can help you make the most of this magical season on our blog.

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