Helpful information, organizations, and support for hearing loss.

CapTel captioned telephones offer hearing loss support by providing captions of everything the caller says.Living with hearing loss can feel isolating. Yet there are a myriad of resources available, designed specifically for people who are hard of hearing, that offer support, encouragement, and opportunities to connect with others. From support groups and local events to helpful articles and technology tools, consider the following resources to help make everyday living with hearing loss a little bit easier.

Local support groups

Many national hearing loss organizations have local chapters that offer support, education, social opportunities, and other resources – right in your own community. Local groups give you the opportunity to talk with others facing the same challenges, share tips for success, and address common concerns. Here are just a few of the organizations:

There are also online hearing loss community forums where you can connect with other people with hearing loss. This format allows you to ask questions, share ideas, and support each other from the comfort of your own home.

Conferences and local events

Many events are held throughout the year to raise awareness and advocacy for people with hearing loss. Whether its you or someone you love that is experiencing hearing loss, attending these types of events together can offer a beneficial foundation of support and education about the latest developments in hearing loss issues. Here are a few of the hearing loss events where you can catch us this year:

Interested in attending other inspiring hearing loss events? Find one near you here.

Magazines & blogs

Print and online media are wonderful ways to find supportive articles for people with hearing loss. From advice from hearing loss professionals to stories of personal journeys, check out these enlightening magazines and blogs that can help broaden your horizons:

Also check out our hearing loss blog featuring regular posts on tips, tools, and important information that can offer support.

Technology tools

From text-based communication methods to ways of staying alerted to sounds at home, following are a few of the different technologies designed to help support people with hearing loss:

  • CapTel captioned telephones help people with hearing loss connect over the phone providing captions of everything the caller says.
  • Home safety alerting devices with flashing lights, vibration, and increased amplification features can help ensure you are notified of potential dangers at home, such as fire, carbon monoxide, severe weather, and more.
  • Assistive listening devices, like hearing aids, induction loop systems, and personal amplifiers, can provide hearing support should you decide they are right for you.

Additional hearing loss resources and support from other hearing loss-related organizations and associations are also available to guide you and the people in your life on your hearing loss journey.

There are many hearing loss resources available at your fingertips. Whether you are experiencing hearing loss yourself or you’re looking to support a loved one, we hope these ideas offer inspiration and encouragement.

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