How this awareness-building program is making a difference


Heroes With Hearing Loss provides support and resources for our nation’s veterans.Our nation’s brave troops can face a variety of health challenges as a result of their service, including hearing loss. While often overshadowed by other combat injuries, hearing loss among veterans is widespread.

Hearing loss is the number one service-related injury affecting U.S. veterans returning from the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan. Service-connected hearing loss is usually the result of exposure to excessive noise or traumatic injury and can have dramatic long-term effects on veterans.

Heroes With Hearing Loss was founded with the mission to raise awareness and initiate meaningful dialogue about shared experiences among veterans. Its goal is to initiate a conversation about hearing loss within veteran and health care communities and to share real-life solutions that assist veterans in overcoming hearing-related challenges. Sponsored by one of our partners, Hamilton® CapTel®, Heroes With Hearing Loss works to:

1. Bring veterans together
Veterans often share an irreplaceable bond and a sense of mutual trust. By providing an open forum of support, Heroes With Hearing Loss fosters a community for veterans to connect with each other and discover they are not alone in their hearing loss journey. Cultivating a network of fellow veterans with hearing loss can help make challenges and obstacles easier to face, knowing fellow veterans may be experiencing the same thing.

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2. Foster a platform for sharing
Each veteran who experiences hearing loss from military service has a unique story, and Heroes With Hearing Loss provides an engaging platform for sharing those experiences. From a traumatic event that caused their hearing loss to its impact on their daily routine, veterans and their families are invited to share their thoughts, challenges, and helpful management strategies with others in similar circumstances.

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3. Offer resources and solutions
Heroes With Hearing Loss is a solution-oriented program that provides access to insight from hearing loss professionals and suggests services, technology, and resources that can help veterans with hearing loss. Find information on assistive technologies, Hearing Dogs, veteran benefits, helpful hearing loss organizations, and more on the Heroes With Hearing Loss website.

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Watch this video to discover the powerful ways Heroes With Hearing Loss is making a difference for veterans across the nation. Heroes With Hearing Loss is fostering meaningful dialog about hearing loss and offering support to veterans across the country. Would you like to get involved to support their mission? Join the conversation today!

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