5 ways technology is making retired life easierTechnology moves at a rapid pace. It also can make everyday life after retirement easier and more convenient. Whether connecting with others, staying healthy or accomplishing daily tasks, these technology “helpers” fit the bill!

1. Assistive listening devices (ALDs)
ALDs can help those with hearing loss to better follow face-to-face conversations and dialogue in TV shows and movies. They can even help alert retirees to sounds of alarms or a knock at the door. Plus, many are rechargeable, so there are no batteries to replace.

2. Social media
Social media isn’t just for millennials. Websites like Twitter and Facebook are keeping retirees in touch with their friends and family as well as rekindling past friendships. Meanwhile, apps like Pinterest and Instagram can help everyone find new recipes, record memories of vacations and learn new things.

3. CapTel phones
CapTel captioned telephones make it easy to follow a conversation, even with hearing loss. Captions appear on the screen as they are spoken, so the listener catches every word over the phone. Several models are available to help you take advantage of this revolutionary technology.

4. Fitness trackers
Thanks to technology, it’s easier than ever to keep track of your fitness goals. For retirees, that might mean helping to maintain an active lifestyle. Fitness trackers can connect to free fonts smartphones wirelessly so that you can see how many steps you’ve taken, how many calories you’ve burned or insights about your sleep schedule.

5. Digital assistants
Ever want your own personal assistant? Technology can make that desire a reality. With digital assistants such as OK Google, Amazon Echo and Microsoft’s Cortana, all you have to do is speak and you’ll receive weather updates, add events to your calendar or play your favorite music.

CapTel Captioned Telephone