With technology advancing every year and researchers always learning more about hearing loss, treatment and support programs are getting better at rapid speeds. Like any medical issue, there’s always more to be done to learn about hearing loss and how it can be treated. Luckily, there are plenty of opportunities to join in on support efforts for hearing loss research and treatment. Here are some ways you can contribute to the fight to support people with hearing loss:

Hearing Loss Association of America’s Walk4Hearing
HLAA’s Walk4Hearing is America’s largest walk for hearing loss. Established in 2006, the walk began in six cities and has expanded to 21 cities throughout the country. There will be spring walks through May and June this year, and fall walks in September, October and November. The fundraising goal for 2016 is $1.4 million. Over the years, more than 70,000 people have participated in Walk4Hearing events.

“You can organize a hearing loss fundraiser all your own.”

Stink Week
The Decibels Foundation is dedicated to helping children with hearing loss and their families. The organization works with parents of young people and local school systems to show them different techniques for educating a child with hearing loss. A fourth grader whose sister had hearing loss created this campaign. He wore the same shirt for a week to “make a stink” for hearing loss. Every year since 2011, the foundation sponsors Stink Week in an effort to raise awareness of childhood hearing loss, as well as funds. Over $82,000 has been raised for hearing loss since Stink Week was founded.

Annual IHS Convention and Expo
The International Hearing Society is holding its 65th annual convention this September in Chicago. The Illinois Hearing Society’s annual meeting will be held as well, so attendees can enjoy both. Though the IHS Convention and Expo isn’t a fundraiser, the event is for health care professionals, audiologists, students and other people in the audiology and hearing aid industry. There are plenty of volunteer opportunities as well if you’re interested in getting involved and learning more about hearing loss.

Hold your own event
Are you interested in fundraising for hearing loss, but haven’t found an event located near you? The Hearing Health Foundation has plenty of ideas for you to organize a fundraising event all of your own. In addition to sharing stories like runners for hearing loss in marathons like the New York City, Boston or Marine Corp Marathons, and musicians and DJs who donate a portion of their earnings to the foundation, HHF offers ideas to groups or individuals looking to get involved. You can also speak to your human resources department at work about sponsoring a corporate outing or picnic in an effort to raise awareness for hearing loss. Some other hearing loss foundations include:

  • Starkey Hearing Foundation.
  • Gift of Hearing Foundation.
  • Oticon Hearing Foundation.
  • American Hearing Research Foundation.

Consider holding a neighborhood or church bake sale or chili cook off and donating the proceeds to your favorite charity working to combat hearing loss. These are just a few of the organizations that are working on behalf of people with hearing loss nationwide. Check your own community for local groups right in your backyard!

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