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Registration for CapTel models: 800i / 840i / 880i / 2400i

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The telephone number of the CapTel phone you wish to enroll.

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Terms & Conditions
  • I have a hearing loss that necessitates use of the captioned telephone service.
  • I understand that the captioning on captioned telephone service is provided by a live communications assistant who listens to the other party on the line and provides the text on the captioned phone.
  • I understand that the cost of captioning each Internet protocol captioned telephone call is funded through a federal program.
  • I will not permit, to the best of my ability, persons who have not registered to use Internet Protocol captioned telephone service to make captioned telephone calls on my registered IP captioned telephone service or device.

Terms & Conditions
Per FCC requirements, the registration Terms & Conditions must be accepted by the CapTel user themself before the Captions feature can be activated. The CapTel user should review and accept the Terms & Conditions at the time the CapTel phone is set up.

Registration FAQs
Why do I need to register?
Per a recent change in regulations by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), all users of Internet-based Captioned Telephone services must register. This requirement is part of the FCC's effort to protect the captioning service from potential misuse by individuals who do not need captioning support.

View the FCC requirement here

Who needs to register?
CapTel users with any of the following models:

  • CapTel 840i
  • CapTel 800i
  • CapTel 880i
  • CapTel 2400i

What happens if I don’t register my phone?
Per FCC requirements, the Captions feature on your CapTel phone may not be activated until the phone is registered. You will still be able to use the phone to make/receive calls, but there will be no captions.

What does CapTel do with this information?
Registration information gathered is secure and confidential in accordance with FCC requirements. It is not used for marketing or promotional purposes.

Why does the FCC require this information?
The FCC works to protect the captioning service from potential misuse by people who may not need captioning assistance. Your registration information confirms that you are a registered individual. All information provided is treated, by law, as confidential. View FCC Requirement for Personal Information