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IP CTS Consent to Disclosure of Personal Information

The Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”) has established the TRS User Registration Database (“URD”) which is a centralized database designed to ensure that IP CTS is used by eligible users only. The FCC is in the process of requiring all IP CTS providers, including Hamilton, to collect required information from Hamilton CapTel users which must be verified as a component of registering with the URD. The following required information will be submitted to the URD and made available for review by the FCC, the TRS Fund Administrator, their respective agents and any person or entity designated by either of them for access to the URD:

(A) user’s full name;
(B) user’s full residential address;
(C) telephone number;
(D) a unique identifier such as the electronic serial number (ESN) of the user’s IP CTS device, the user’s log-in identification, or the user’s email address;
(E) the last four digits of the user’s social security number or Tribal Identification number (or alternative documentation, if such documentation is permitted by and has been collected pursuant to FCC Order, 30 FCC Rcd 1093 (CGB 2015));
(F) user’s date of birth;
(G) user’s Registered Location (if applicable);
(H) IP CTS provider name;
(I) date of service initiation and (when applicable) termination;
(J) a digital copy of the user’s self-certification of eligibility for IP CTS and the date obtained by the provider; and
(K) (for existing users only) the date on which the IP CTS user last placed an IP CTS call.

By granting consent, you are consenting to Hamilton collecting, storing, and transmitting your required information to the URD; and you are acknowledging that the required information is being provided to the URD to ensure the proper administration of the TRS Program. Hamilton is required to keep a copy of your consent on file. You are required to provide your consent – failure to provide consent will result in denial of service.

Hamilton is committed to ensuring your personal information is protected and held in a confidential manner. FCC rules obligate us to share the required information with the FCC’s URD, and Hamilton will treat this information consistent with its privacy policy.

If you have questions about the URD process, you can press the blue customer service button on your phone, or contact Hamilton Customer Care at 877-455-4227. Live chat, email:

If you have any questions or concerns about the FCC requirements for the URD, you may contact the FCC by calling 202-418-2517 or emailing