CapTel 840i/880i: Registration Help

Follow the direction on your CapTel phone display screen. If you see this screen:

If you see this screen:

1. Go to
2. Enter the requested information, including the phone number and Electronic Serial Number (ESN) of your phone. The ESN can be found on the bottom of your CapTel phone.
3. Click on Register.

NOTE: if you are not able to register online, please call CapTel Customer Service by pressing the blue CUST SERV button or dialing 1-888-269-7477.

If you see this screen:

This means you need to review and agree to the Registration Terms on your CapTel phone
before the Captions feature can be activated. To review the Registration Terms:

With the handset hung up, press the CAPTIONS button on your CapTel phone to review the Registration Terms.

1. Check that the name and address listed on the display screen is correct. The name & address listed on
the screen should be of the person who will be using the CapTel phone, not for a helper or relative.

If the contact information is correct,
press the YES button.

If it is incorrect, press the NO button and contact
CapTel Customer Service to correct the information.

2. This statement checks that the person using CapTel agrees they have a hearing loss that makes it difficult to use a traditional telephone. The FCC wants to verify that anyone who uses the free Captioning Service really has hearing loss. It is the FCC’s way of protecting the service so that it is not misused by people who do not need captions.

If you agree with the statement, press the YES button.

3. This statement checks to make sure that you understand an operator (captioning assistant) is captioning what your callers say to you. The phone is not converting the caller’s words into captions by itself. The FCC wants to make sure you are aware there is a live captioning assistant involved.

If you agree with the statement, press the YES button.

4. CapTel users do not have to pay for the cost of using the captioning service, it is provided free to people with hearing loss through a special fund monitored by the FCC. The FCC wants to make sure that CapTel users understand that – even though there is no cost to you – the Telecommunications Relay Service Fund is paying for these services.

If you agree with the statement, press the YES button.

5. The FCC wants to make sure that the only person who uses the CAPTIONS feature is the person who registered for this phone. The FCC is trying to protect the Captioning Service from accidentally being misused by people who do not need captioning support.

Other people may use your phone as long as the CAPTIONS feature is turned off.

If you agree with the statement, press the YES button.

Congratulations – your phone is registered and the Captions feature is enabled.

To get captions during your incoming and outgoing calls, just make sure the CAPTIONS button is on (light around the button is lit).
If it is off, press the CAPTIONS button to turn it on.

If you answered NO to any of the Registration Terms, the captions feature will not be activated on your phone.
Please contact CapTel Customer Service for assistance.

Registration FAQs:

Why do I need to register?

Per requirements by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), effective March 7, 2013, new users of IP-based captioned telephone services must register as part of the FCC’s efforts to ensure the captioning service is being used as intended by people who truly need the service.

What happens if I don’t register my phone?

Per FCC requirements, the Captions feature on your CapTel phone cannot be activated until the phone is registered. You will still be able to use the phone to make/receive calls, but there will be no captions.

How do I register?

Register Online:
Register by Phone: 1-888-269-7477

When you first set up your CapTel phone, the display screen will let you know what to do. It will lead you through the Registration
Terms, asking if you agree with each term. Just follow the directions on the display screen.
If at any time you need assistance, press the blue CUST SERV button to be automatically connected to our Registration Help Team.

If you have any questions about registration, please call CapTel Customer Service (press the blue CUST SERV button) or dial: 1-888-269-7477.

Even if your phone is not yet registered, you will get captions when calling Customer Service so that we may best assist you.

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