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6 Holiday Gifts for People with Hearing Loss

Start your holiday 2022 shopping with these suggestions!

Use these ideas of gifts for people with hearing loss as you shop online and in stores this season!

The holiday season (and holiday shopping) is in full swing! It can be such a fun time of year filled with family, friends, laughter, and joy — but it can be busy too. Whether you’re shopping for one person this year or several, it never hurts to have some gift ideas on hand to save time!

If you have someone on your shopping list this year who experiences hearing loss, add these gift ideas for people with hearing loss to your list for when you’re out shopping or scrolling online. 

Our suggestions for great holiday gifts for people with hearing loss include:

  1. Captioned telephone
  2. Digital Wi-Fi doorbell
  3. Vibrating alarm clock
  4. Smart watch
  5. Wireless ear buds
  6. Phone clip

Captioned telephone

Captioned telephones from CapTel are an incredibly helpful gift option for people with hearing loss. They work just like a regular phone, but they display every word the caller says throughout the conversation. A person with hearing loss can listen and read along at the same time to help understand the caller better, and never miss a moment of their holiday catch-up calls!

Digital Wi-Fi doorbell

A digital doorbell that uses Wi-Fi allows anyone with the app to receive a notification on their phone when the doorbell rings. This could be helpful for someone with hearing loss who may have a difficult time hearing a regular doorbell. There are even models with video capabilities that allow you to see who is at the door before you answer it if you want to give your recipient the gift of convenience and peace of mind as well!

Vibrating alarm clock

Another thoughtful gift for people with hearing loss is a vibrating alarm clock. These alarm clocks go under the pillow or mattress and give a gentle vibration instead of an auditory alarm. There are a few variations available on the market today, so it may be worth researching to find one that might work best for your friend or family member. 


Did you know there are smart watches specifically made for people with hearing loss? These devices have call and text features with vibration to alert the wearer of an incoming notification. People with hearing loss may not always be able to hear the sound of their phone ringing, especially if it’s not near them, so this wrist vibration can be a less disruptive way to alert someone with hearing loss of their notifications. 

Some smartwatches can also track steps, exercise, and activity throughout the day. This can help anyone be more active and fit some more movement into their day!

Wireless ear buds

Wireless ear buds can enhance your sound experience, whether you are on the phone, listening to music or a podcast, or even watching TV. There are many different types of wireless ear buds, including some that are compatible with hearing aids, models that can drown out outside noise, and others that can even amplify outside sounds to assist those with hearing loss.

Phone clip

A phone clip is a hearing aid accessory that allows someone to use Bluetooth with their hearing aids. This can be used to stream calls, music, TV, and more. Most models come with features that allows users to adjust the volume, answer calls, and other tasks. If your recipient loves using their smartphone, this gift idea is for them!

When shopping for holiday gifts for people with hearing loss, keep in mind that many useful and helpful products exist that can assist with everyday tasks. 

For more ideas of gifts for people with hearing loss, hearing loss information, and listening device tips, keep reading the CapTel blog!