Find out when it may be time to upgrade your hearing aids.

Do you know when to upgrade your hearing aids? Find out in this blog.If you wear hearing aids, the decision to upgrade is an individual choice that should be discussed with your audiologist, but there are some factors that can help you decide when it might be time to have that conversation. Because hearing aids can be quite an investment, you want to be sure you’re getting one that fits your needs, preferences, and lifestyle.

Here are some possible suggestions for when to consider upgrading your hearing aids:

  1. There’s a change in your hearing
  2. You have new lifestyle needs
  3. Your current hearing aids are wearing out
  4. You’re interested in trying a new technology or feature
  5. You want to upgrade the look or comfort

Let’s explore each of these considerations about when to upgrade your hearing aids!

There’s a change in your hearing
Just like it’s a good idea to get an annual physical, you should try to schedule a yearly appointment with your audiologist to check your hearing. If your hearing changes, it doesn’t automatically mean you need new hearing aids — you might just be able to get your current ones adjusted. However, if your hearing has changed significantly since you got your current hearing aids, it might be time for an upgrade.

You have new lifestyle needs
Lifestyle changes can also be a reason to look into updating your hearing aids. Maybe you have a new job or volunteer position, you’ve moved to a new apartment, or you’ve started a new exercise routine, and your current hearing aids aren’t adapting well to your new needs. If you choose to use hearing aids, they should work well enough to keep up with your lifestyle!

Your current hearing aids are wearing out
Like most technology, hearing aids have a limited lifespan (usually around 3-5 years). They’re regularly exposed to temperature changes, moisture, and wax as they nestle in your ear, which is why it’s essential to care for your hearing aids to slow their deterioration. If you’re noticing any hearing aid malfunctions, sounds like annoying whistling or static, diminished hearing function or volume, or physical damage that’s difficult to repair, your hearing aids may be on their last legs. Talk to your audiologist to see if there are options available to prolong the life of your current hearing aids or if it’s time to look into purchasing new ones.

You’re interested in trying a new technology or feature
The world of hearing aid technology can often bring exciting modern updates to available features and technology options. For instance, you might want Bluetooth-compatible hearing aids or “smart” hearing aids that can analyze the sounds you’re hearing and adapt accordingly. You can also purchase hearing aids that can perform special functions like fitness tracking and fall detection, or hearing aids that can mask the ringing of tinnitus.

You want to upgrade the look or comfort
Just like the core technology of hearing aids is constantly evolving, their visual appearance and how they feel in your ear will change from model to model too. Some newer hearing aids are smaller and more streamlined than older models while still improving the technical performance. You might want to upgrade so you can try a new look or explore a more comfortable kind of hearing aid.

When it’s time to upgrade your hearing aids, make sure to choose one in consultation with your audiologist! They can advise you on which models will best suit your hearing needs, lifestyle, and budget.

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