Stay connected this holiday season with a phone that features written captions of everything your caller says. 

A captioned telephone for hearing loss allows people to read along with their phone conversations and never miss a word.As the holidays arrive and cooler weather sets in, it’s more important than ever to stay connected to those we care about—no matter if they live near or far. A captioned telephone for hearing loss is the perfect solution to make phone calls to friends and family who may not find traditional phones as accessible and easy to use anymore.

Here are the ways a captioned telephone for hearing loss works to keep relationships strong:

  1. Enables simultaneous reading and listening
  2. Lets the conversation flow naturally
  3. Uses visual cues for incoming call alerts
  4. Helps people communicate with confidence

Learn more about these benefits of a captioned telephone for hearing loss below!

Enables simultaneous reading and listening
This simple ability is where captioned phones really shine. These days, there are several text-based communication options, whether through email, text message, or social media. But many people find that this strips away that layer of human connection that comes from hearing a close friend or relative’s voice, understanding their tone and emotion, and making them laugh. Text-based methods can also be more difficult for someone who doesn’t enjoy a lot of typing.

A CapTel phone is truly the best of both worlds because it gives that personal voice-to-voice connection and the clarity of written text, without the need to type out your thoughts. With a captioned telephone for hearing loss, that holiday phone call feels so much closer than sending an email or message over social media.

Lets the conversation flow naturally
Many people with hearing loss may find traditional phone calls difficult to understand. They don’t want to miss words or mishear sentences, then have to interrupt and ask the other person on the line to repeat themselves, sometimes more than once. (We’ve all had those “just nod and smile” moments where we pretend we heard what someone said, right?)

A CapTel phone eliminates these anxieties. If someone isn’t sure what they just heard, all they have to do is look on their screen and read along with the captions. No more awkward pauses and confusion!

Uses visual cues for incoming call alerts
“Sorry I missed your calls earlier. I didn’t hear the phone!” Sound familiar? While most modern cell phones light up when they’re ringing, most home phones don’t. This can be an issue, especially for older adults and people with hearing loss. CapTel captioned phones have large screens that light up and can be set to ring loudly when there’s an incoming call, maximizing the call recipient’s chances of seeing or hearing the call when it comes.

Helps people communicate with confidence
After the onset of hearing loss, one of the hardest things to deal with—both for the person themselves and the people who care about them—is lowered confidence. You may have noticed them getting quieter, calling less, or seeming unsure and not like their usual selves. Everyone deserves to express their personality and enjoy connections with the people in their lives! A captioned phone breaks down the barriers that people with hearing loss might feel about talking on the phone, giving them the confidence to enjoy talking on the phone.

Learn more about how a captioned telephone works here, then shop our CapTel phone selection to choose the best model for yourself or a friend or family member – our captioned telephones for hearing loss make great gifts!

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