Get in the holiday spirit with these festive activities.

These fun ways to celebrate holidays with grandkids can be done over the phone, or virtually through a video call.One of the greatest joys throughout the year for grandparents is getting to celebrate holidays with grandkids. Whether yours are near or far this holiday season, use these ideas to celebrate the holidays with grandkids safely and virtually:

  1. Do a fun winter craft
  2. Share a favorite family holiday recipe
  3. Watch a holiday movie together
  4. Send a box of gifts
  5. Read a picture book to the little ones
  6. Share stories about your childhood holidays

We’ll share more specific ideas about each of these below!

Do a fun winter craft
Crafting can be done virtually through a video call, as long as everyone participating has the necessary materials! Try looking on Pinterest to find interesting ideas, like a wreath, ornaments, mini Christmas trees, handmade cards, snow globes, and more.

Share a favorite family holiday recipe
If the grandkids are old enough to try their hands at some kitchen magic, set up an afternoon or evening to prepare your favorite recipe together virtually over a video call. Show the grandkids how to make your famous chocolate chip cookies, a classic apple pie, or a recipe that showcases the traditional foods of your heritage!

Watch a holiday movie together
A Charlie Brown Christmas? Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer? Home Alone? There are so many excellent kid-friendly holiday films out there! Find a night for the grandkids to pick a holiday movie to watch together. Try the Teleparty app to watch a Netflix movie in sync while you’re connected via phone or video.

Send a box of gifts 
If you can’t see the grandkids unwrap their presents in person, video chat comes to the rescue again! Mail the grandkids a box to open on Christmas morning, filled with their favorite snacks, homemade desserts, and of course, toys or games.

Read a picture book to the little ones
Just like there are a lot of classic children’s movies for the holidays, there are wonderful, vibrant picture books that can help you connect with the grandkids too! There’s The Polar Express, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, The Snowman, The Nutcracker, The Snowy Day, The Tree That’s Meant to Be, and a hundred other adorable tales. Picture books are perfect for reading over video chat—read the page, then hold the picture up to your camera! Or send your grandkids a copy of the book to read along with you.

Share stories about your childhood holidays
Kids can hardly believe that their grandparents were once their age too! Hearing stories about you when you were younger can blow their minds and even teach them about how the world has changed. What do you mean there was no internet when you were a kid, grandpa!? This is also a fun chance to reminisce about your favorite holiday memories of years past, especially when you can’t be together in person.

Are you excited to celebrate the holidays with grandkids? Next, see our ideas of ways to give back over the holidays to make the most of the season!

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