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Resources for Veterans with Hearing Loss

Peruse these helpful hearing loss resources for veterans and their families.

This blog post contains helpful resources for veterans with hearing loss.Hearing loss due to military service is a common experience for both veterans and active-duty troops, so it’s important to build awareness and community support. Whether you or someone you care about are experiencing hearing loss after military service, these resources for veterans with hearing loss are here to help:

  1. U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
  2. Heroes With Hearing Loss
  3. AARP
  4. Hearing Loss Association of America
  5. CapTel captioned telephone program

Keep reading to learn more about these hearing loss resources below.

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)
The VA oversees many initiatives for veterans, including providing hearing loss resources. Veterans who qualify for and enroll in VA Health Benefits will receive a hearing evaluation to determine the level of hearing loss or tinnitus. Eligible vets can then receive hearing aids, if desired, and other hearing health services as part of their care benefits.

Heroes With Hearing Loss
Heroes With Hearing Loss, an initiative sponsored by our partner Hamilton CapTel®, is on a mission to connect vets with the hearing loss support and resources they need. HWHL hosts a members-only online forum where veterans can talk about their experiences with hearing loss and share ideas, challenges, and support with one another. Visit the website’s Resources page for a hub of information on captioned telephone and assistive technology, veteran benefits, and more. Sign up here to join the conversation.

Those over the age of 50 can join the AARP to connect with a variety of hearing loss resources. Active-duty military and vets get a 30% discount on AARP membership, which opens up beneficial hearing loss resources for veterans like free telephone hearing tests, discounted hearing aids through the Hearing Care Program, and more. Whether you’re a member or not, the online AARP Hearing Center includes helpful information about hearing loss, protecting your hearing health, help with hearing aids, and more.

Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA)
HLAA organizes programs, events, and chapters to unite and support those with hearing loss. Vets can join the HLAA Veterans Across America Virtual Chapter, which hosts monthly captioned Zoom meetings and uses another online platform for members to keep in touch between calls. Other HLAA chapters have united in the past to support veteran members as well. See some past video presentations relevant to veterans with hearing loss on their page here.

CapTel captioned telephone program
Our selection of captioned hearing loss telephones can help vets stay in touch with family, friends and their former brothers and sisters in arms. The connected live captioning service allows users to read along with their conversations on the phone’s screen. There are a few resources for veterans with hearing loss to get a CapTel phone at no cost. Check these state-specific equipment programs to see which ones include veterans. Alternatively, anyone can apply for a no-cost phone by having a hearing health professional sign a third-party certification form that verifies their need for a CapTel phone.

Retired Air Force veteran Kraig Ankiewicz shares his personal story of service-related hearing loss.  Kraig, who uses captioning service provided by one of our partners, Sprint CapTel, found CapTel to be a “game-changer” talking to family, friends, and service buddies.   More of Kraig’s story can be found in this article and linked video here.

These resources for veterans with hearing loss are just some of the ways to find information and support. For more articles on living with hearing loss, visit our blog.