Use these Spooktacular hearing loss-friendly Halloween ideas on fright night.

One of the tips to enjoy Halloween with hearing loss is to consider a hearing loss-friendly doorbell.Boo! It’s almost time for the spookiest night of the year. Whether your Halloween plans involve trick-or-treating duty or a night out at a costume party, you can incorporate hearing loss-friendly Halloween ideas to make the evening inclusive, safe, and fun. Start with these seven tips to enjoy Halloween with hearing loss:

  1. Consider a hearing loss-friendly doorbell
  2. Watch a Halloween movie with closed captions
  3. Charge your devices before going out
  4. Carry a flashlight
  5. Bring a notebook
  6. Protect your hearing from loud events
  7. Keep your devices free of moisture
  8. Socialize your way

Get more details below on our tips to enjoy Halloween with hearing loss.

Consider a hearing loss-friendly doorbell
If you’re expecting trick-or-treaters in droves, you may consider looking into doorbells for people with hearing loss. Whether you choose an option that provides visual alerts, amplification, or different chime melodies to suit your tone preferences, these handy devices come in a range of prices and features.

Watch a Halloween movie with closed captions
From nail-biting horror films to lighthearted animations, there’s no shortage of Halloween movies to keep you entertained between trick-or-treater visits. To help you enjoy a scary film fest even more, consider turning on closed captions on your TV to see transcripts of everything the actors say.

If you enjoy captions on your television, you may also enjoy having them on your home phone. Learn how CapTel captioned telephones can help you catch every word here.

Charge your devices before going out
If you use assistive listening devices and you have plans to go out, you don’t want them to cut out halfway through “Monster Mash”! Prepare for the night by charging your hearing aids or other devices before you go. You may even choose to bring an emergency set of backup batteries in case you need quick, on-the-go replacements. If you’re planning to use your smartphone to charge your devices in a pinch, toss a portable charger in your pocket or purse.

Carry a flashlight
If you prefer lip reading and visual cues for communication, consider bringing a flashlight – or a flashlight app on your smartphone – along on this dark night. You can use the light source to illuminate your conversation partners’ faces to make it easier to communicate. It can also help guide the way if you’re on a night-time walk around the neighborhood.

Bring a notebook
If you prefer written communication when you’re out among others, a small notebook and a pen can help you have clear dialog. Alternatively, a small chalkboard, dry erase marker board, or a note-taking app on your smartphone can work just as well!

Protect your hearing from loud events
Haunted houses and other Halloween events can have loud sound effects or music, so you may need to wear hearing protection. With an inexpensive pair of earplugs or one of these other gadgets that can protect your hearing, you can all enjoy the frights and fun without risking hearing damage.

Check out more ways to protect your hearing in the fall in this helpful infographic.

Keep your devices free of moisture
If you wear assistive listening devices and are planning to attend a costume party – or dress up just for fun – be sure to choose a hearing aid-friendly costume. Some wigs and full masks may cause you to sweat, so it’s best to opt for accessories that will keep your devices dry. Instead, look for headbands, hats with ear cut-outs, eye masks, or make-up that steer clear of the ears.

And if it’s raining on Halloween night, be sure to bring an umbrella to protect your devices from moisture.

Socialize your way
If you’re planning to attend a Halloween party or gathering, consider some of the social tips for people with hearing loss from our recent article. In the post, we outlined a few helpful strategies that can help you feel more comfortable, including:

  • Scope out quieter areas of the room
  • Ask the host to turn down the music volume
  • Speak to people directly around you
  • Take breaks to reset

Use these hearing-loss-friendly Halloween ideas to have a fun and spine-chilling night! Read more tips for living with hearing loss on the CapTel blog.

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