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9 Assistive Technology Devices for Active Seniors

Meet these handy gadgets and assistive devices that can help make your life easier.

Meet these handy assistive technology devices for seniors that can help make your life easier.Using the latest high-tech advancements, assistive technology devices for seniors can now offer more flexibility, independence, and connection than ever before. Meet these handy and easy-to-use devices for any active lifestyle:

  1. Captioned telephones
  2. Amazon Echo and Google Home
  3. Roomba vacuum cleaners
  4. Voice-controlled smart home systems
  5. Power scooters
  6. Remotes with enlarged buttons and numbers
  7. Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS)
  8. Doorbell video cameras
  9. Hearing aids

Learn more about each of these assistive technology devices for seniors below.

Captioned telephones
If you experience hearing loss, captioned telephones can help you catch every word. CapTel phones work like an ordinary telephone with the added benefit of easy-to-read captions of everything your caller says. With several models and styles to choose from, this assistive technology for hearing loss may help you feel more connected to family and friends.

Use this quick Q&A to find out if hearing loss telephones are right for you.

Amazon Echo and Google Home
Amazon Echo and Google Home speakers are easy-to-use, hands-free, and senior-friendly assistive technology devices that respond to your voice when performing such tasks as searching the internet, calling family and friends, setting reminders, and engaging your mind with games or audiobooks. This comparison guide can help you differentiate the two systems and which may be better suited to your needs.

Roomba vacuum cleaners
A Roomba is a compact, computerized vacuum cleaner that automatically guides itself around your home and picks up dirt and dust along the way. This computerized robot vacuum cleaner saves time and will keep your home clean and tidy without you having to push a full-size vacuum cleaner to each room.

Voice-controlled smart home systems
Voice-activated smart home technology can make it easy to control systems like HVAC and lighting while reducing energy costs and eliminating the need to fiddle with dials or remember to shut off the lights after leaving a room. It can even help you keep an eye on your home systems while you’re away on vacation through a smartphone app.

Power scooters
If improving mobility around the home and public spaces is important to you, technology has that covered. Consider checking out powered scooters to help provide flexibility and ease as you move around.

Remotes with enlarged buttons and numbers
For people with low vision, remote controls with enlarged buttons for the TV, radio, or other technological devices are another senior-friendly technology that may make it easier to change the channel or adjust the volume on a device.

Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS)
Personalized safety and emergency devices are getting more sophisticated and integrated into daily life. Alert pendants and wristbands can be pressed instantly in an emergency to notify family members and professionals, apps and sensors can detect sudden falls, and smart devices can allow family members to remotely check in on those they care about and ensure their safety from afar.

Doorbell video cameras
Another assistive technology device that can be helpful for seniors is a doorbell video camera. These cameras are placed just outside the front door and allow you to view the visitor or package waiting outside, so you know what to expect before opening the door.

Hearing aids
Hearing aids and similar listening helpers are another hearing loss-friendly assistive technology device for seniors (and everyone) that can make it easier to hear sounds around you. Newer hearing aids and certain types of assistive listening devices are more discreet than ever, and some can even connect to your smartphone or other devices through Bluetooth.

Find out what you need to know if you’re considering hearing aids here.

These assistive technology devices for seniors can help give you the independence and safety you desire in your home and beyond.

For more articles on senior living and independence, head to our blog. To find out how CapTel phone captioning technology can help you stay connected to friends and family, call 800.233.9130 today.