4 Holiday Travel Tips for People with Hearing Loss

///4 Holiday Travel Tips for People with Hearing Loss

Use these practical pointers to master holiday travel with ease.

One of our holiday travel tips for people with hearing loss is to plan ahead.The holiday season is a wonderful time to celebrate with family and friends near and far. If this year is anything like last when a record number of travelers hit roadways, airways, and railways, you’ll find yourself in good company if you’re planning a journey. No matter where you’re going, master your trip with ease using these four practical holiday travel tips for people with hearing loss:

  1. Plan ahead
  2. When in doubt, bring it along
  3. Have a communication strategy
  4. Inform travel staff about your hearing loss

Keep reading to learn more about each of these tips to get the most out of your holiday travel experience.

1. Plan ahead
Before you begin traveling this season, consider making a few preparations to help ensure a smooth journey ahead. Making copies of your travel documents – one set for you to keep and carry with you and another set for a neighbor or family member staying behind – is one step that can help make your travel day easier. You may also consider creating a packing list of necessities that you can check off as you pack as well as adjusting the settings of your assistive listening devices to accommodate for travel environments.

If you are staying at a hotel, be sure to request any assistive devices you may need in advance. Consider booking your reservations online so you have everything in writing to avoid misunderstandings.

If you prefer to secure your lodgings or make travel arrangements by phone, use a CapTel captioned telephone to make sure you get all the details right.

2. When in doubt, bring it along
When packing for your holiday journey, err on the safe side and bring everything you might need for any hearing devices you might have, even if you’re not sure you’ll use them during the trip. Extra batteries, cleaning kits, and any other hearing device accessories may prove useful when you’re away from home. Consider transporting your hearing supplies in your carry-on bag to ensure everything arrives with you. When you arrive at your destination, store your hearing aids and accessories away from cold air and moisture.

If you are traveling internationally for the holidays, don’t forget to bring outlet converters for all of your battery rechargers and electronic devices.

3. Have a communication strategy
Noisy and crowded airport terminals, bus stations, and other transportation facilities can make it challenging to hear boarding instructions and conversations with your travel companion. To make it easier, plan how you will communicate on travel day. Consider using hearing loss-friendly tools like signing up for email or text alerts to make sure you don’t miss any terminal announcements. You may also want to carry a notebook or use a smartphone note app to exchange ideas in a bustling environment.

If you are flying, be sure to locate and refer to visual signs and notices for information at the airport terminal. Many airports now use FM loop systems that work with hearing aids. Check to see if your local airport has a loop system.

When you are at the airport, you are allowed to wear your hearing aids or cochlear implant through the security check points. The TSA permits them for both metal detectors and imaging security systems.

Find other communication tips for people with hearing loss here.

4. Inform travel staff about your hearing loss
Whether you are traveling to your holiday gathering this year solo or with others in tow, don’t hesitate to let flight attendants, seat partners, or other travel staff know that you experience hearing loss. Ask them to alert you about any important announcements to help ensure you catch helpful information.

These holiday travel tips for people with hearing loss can help you have a safe and stress-free traveling experience this holiday season. Find more travel tips for people with hearing loss as well as these tips for navigating holiday gatherings with hearing loss. For more articles on living with hearing loss, visit our blog today.

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